Create a Custom View Page

As a Pro user, you can create and edit uniquely branded View Page templates and assign them to the content within folders. Customize the templates to add your own logo, set the color scheme, and select which View Page interface options appear for your viewers.



Templates are applied to an entire folder. The View Page for content located in that folder uses the assigned template. Templates cannot be assigned to an individual piece of content, a Playlist, or the Library in general.

View Page templates only change the appearance of the View Page that presents individual pieces of content, not the appearance of the containing folder.

Customize a View Page Template

  1. Hover over a folder in the list. Click the gear icon and choose Edit.
  2. In the View Page Template section of the Edit folder dialog, click Add New.
  3. In the Template Settings dialog, name the template and edit the settings. The template preview updates as you make changes.
  4. Once you have the page the way you like it, click Save.
  5. assigns the new template to the current folder. To make changes to a template, select it from the menu and click Edit.


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