Cancel a Screencast Pro Account

Canceling your Pro account will downgrade you to a Free account at the end of your current billing cycle. The Free account gives you 2GB of storage and 2GB of monthly transfer bandwidth. For more information on how to cancel your Screencast Pro account, please visit this article.

You will still have access to all Pro features until the end of the billing cycle. After the end of the billing cycle your account will switch to a free account. Be aware that any content on a free account that has not been viewed in over a year will be deleted. See our content deletion policy for more information

Your current content will continue to reside on However, in order to upload new content, you must have less than the Free account storage limit of 2GB available. Viewers may continue to access your content up to the available 2GB of bandwidth available per month.


Please contact our Customer Care team if you need assistance. Contact Us!


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