Screencast Free vs. Pro Accounts

Feature Screencast Free Screencast Pro
Included Storage 2 GB 30 GB
Included Monthly Bandwidth 2 GB 240 GB
Ability to Purchase Additional Storage and Bandwidth   checkmark.jpg

Retain Inactive Content Indefinitely

Store Screencast Pro content indefinitely. Screencast Free content will be deleted if it has not been updated or viewed in over one year.

Custom Email Folder and Playlist Invitation   checkmark.jpg

Custom Branding of View Page

Add your own logo, set the color scheme, and select which View Page interface options appear to your viewers.

Manually Add and Edit Captions on Videos   checkmark.jpg
Simplified Multi-Seat Account Management   checkmark.jpg
Upload Videos with Captions Created in Camtasia checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
Entirely Free of Third-Party Advertising, Guaranteed

We strive to make Screencast a place where your content shines. We're committed to preventing distractions like advertising.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

View/Bandwidth Analytics

See your view counts and bandwidth usage per piece of content.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Google Analytics Integration

Gather deeper metrics about your content and your viewers.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Permits Commercial Content

We do not restrict you from selling access to content on Screencast Free or Pro accounts, unlike other video hosting platforms (e.g. selling password protected links). While permitted, Screencast will not directly assist with selling content.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Permits Product Demo Videos

We do not restrict you from hosting product demo or review videos on Screencast Free or Pro accounts, unlike other video hosting platforms.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Stores Original-Quality Video

We host your original video and do not re-encode or perform any additional compression.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
Access Phrase Required Folders and Playlists

Keep content secure by setting an access phrase for folders. Viewers need to know both the link and access phrase to view your media in that folder or playlist.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Invite-Only Folders

Make sure your media is not viewable by someone unless you directly invite them. Each user you invite needs to authenticate with their Screencast or TechSmith account in order to see your media.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Unlisted Links

Your media will not show up in search engines. Links need to be shared with viewers or you must know the URL to view the media.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Video Replacement / URL Protection

Swap out already-embedded or shared media and your links will continue to work.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
Change Video Thumbnail After Publishing checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
Allow Viewer Comments checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
Provide a Download Link for Offline Viewing checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
Mobile-Friendly Library and View Page checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Supports Interactive Camtasia Videos

Host and view videos with interactive features from Camtasia such as table of contents, hotspots, and quizzes/surveys.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Camtasia, Snagit, and Jing Integration

Share media you create with TechSmith products to Screencast quickly and seamlessly.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg
RSS and iTunes Integration checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Embed Content on a Webpage

Embed a single piece of content, a folder, or a playlist on a webpage. Newly-added folder or playlist content displays on the webpage automatically.

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg

Automatic Embedding with oEmbed

Automatically embed a link to your content. Works with Twitter, WordPress, and many others!

checkmark.jpg checkmark.jpg


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