Working With Playlists

Create a playlist to share content located in different folders or in your library as a single group. Enable playlist RSS feeds to allow viewers to subscribe and receive notifications when new content is available.


This article covers how to:

Create a Playlist

  1. In your library, click the Add Playlist button.
  2. Enter a playlist name by typing in the field and then press Enter to finish creating the playlist.
  3. The playlist is added to the list in alphabetical order. Click the playlist to open it in the main panel.


Edit Playlist Settings

  1. Hover over the playlist in the sidebar menu. Click the gear icon and choose Edit.
  2. The Edit playlist dialog opens and allows you to manage folder settings including:
    • Title and description
    • Privacy level
    • RSS feed availability
  3. After making the desired changes, click Save.

Add Content to a Playlist

After creating a playlist, you can add new content to it any time.

  1. Navigate to the video(s), image(s), or other files you would like to add to the playlist, and click the checkbox to select each item.
  2. Click the Move selected content button and select a playlist to add the content to.

The content is added to the playlist.


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