Working With Playlists

Create a Playlist to share content in different folders and your library as a single group. You can even add an RSS feed to your Playlist to allow viewers to subscribe and be notified when you add content.


To create a Playlist

  1. In your library, click the Create Playlist button.
  2. Select the content to add to the Playlist and then click Create Playlist.
  3. In the Edit Playlist Properties dialog:
    • Enter a title and description.
    • If desired, select an RSS option.
    • Choose the privacy level.
  4. Click Save and your Playlist appears in the library.


To add content to an existing Playlist:

After creating a Playlist, you can add new content to it any time.

  1. Navigate to a Playlist by selecting it in your Library.
  2. On the Playlist View Page, click Manage Playlist.
  3. In the Manage Playlist dialog, select the contentto add to the Playlist and click Done.


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