Add and Edit Video Captions

The Caption Editor allows Pro users to add captions to videos in their Library or edit existing captions that have been uploaded to along with a video.


If you want to add an existing caption file to your video, you can import a caption file instead of manually adding captions.

The video must be in MP4 (h.264) or WEBM (.webm) format to use the caption editor.


    1. Navigate to the view page of a video in your library, open the Media Details panel and click the Edit button in the Captions section.
    2. The video opens in the Caption Editor. Click Play to review your video or click and drag the timeline to scrub to specific points. The green line is the playhead and indicates where you are in the video.
    3. Captions are added at the playhead. To add a caption, place the playhead where a caption should begin and click the Add New Caption button.

    4. Click in the box above the caption and type the text heard in the video.Tip: Click the replay button in the center of the caption to repeatedly play the associated portion of the video.
    5. To change the duration of a caption, hover over the edge of it, click, and drag.
    6. Add all of the necessary captions to the timeline. Use the caption editing buttons to (a) delete or (b) split a selected caption, (c) delete all captions on the timeline, or (d) undo and redo recent actions.
As you work, all of your changes are automatically saved.
  1. Use the Preview button to watch your video with the added captions.
  2. When you're done working, click Save & Exit to make the captions available on the live video.

You are returned to the video View Page. Play your video and click the CC button in the player to display the captions.


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