Share Your Content

With you can share an individual file, an entire folder, or a playlist consisting of content from different folders.


Content can be shared by:

  • Copying and pasting a URL.
  • Embedding a URL to create a clickable link.
  • Embedding a file or a MediaRoll on a webpage or blog.
  • Sending an email invitation that contains a clickable link.

Consider Content Privacy Levels Before Sharing

Before sharing your content, consider who you want to be able to view it and set the appropriate privacy level.


To share your content:

  1. Hover the cursor over the content, folder, or playlist to share and click the Share icon.
  2. Click the code snippet that corresponds to the Share option you need and copy it to the clipboard or click Send Invitation to invite viewers via email.
    Folders and playlists set to Authenticated can only be shared by using the Send Invitation option.

  3. Paste the code snippet where you would like to share it (e.g. email, instant message, website, or blog).


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