Content Privacy Levels

There are four levels of privacy that may be applied to folders or playlists: Public, Hidden, Access Phrase Required, and Authenticated. These four levels are intended to offer flexible sharing options while making sure content is available to your target audience.

If a specific folder is not selected during upload, the file is added to the Default folder. To control access to individually uploaded files, edit the privacy settings for the Default folder.


Library Icon Privacy Level Properties


  • Anyone with the link to your library can view public folders and playlists
  • Viewers must have the URL to see content
  • Default privacy setting for new folders and playlists
  • Does not appear in your library
Access Phrase Required
  • Viewers must have the URL and enter an access phrase that is set by the owner to see content
  • Does not appear in your library
  • Viewers with the access phrase can see all folder content
  • Access phrases are intended to be shared with multiple viewers. Do not use a personal password.
  • Highest level of privacy
  • Owners invite viewers by sending an email from the Share dialog
  • Viewers must have a account and log in via the link they receive in the invitation to receive access to the folder or playlist

Change the Privacy Level of a Folder or Playlist

  1. Hover over a folder or playlist in the list, click the gear icon, and choose Edit.
  2. In the Edit dialog, select the Privacy tab and choose a setting.
  3. Click Save.


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