Caption Editor Overview

Closed captions are an important piece of video accessibility. Captions also offer viewers a way to consume video content in audio restricted environments. The word "closed" is used because a viewer can choose to display them, as opposed to captions that are always displayed. The Caption Editor allows Pro users to add, edit, and manage captions for videos in their library. Additionally, the Caption Editor includes some built-in ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance features.

Videos must be in MP4 (h.264) or WEBM (.webm) format to use the Caption Editor.

Use the Caption Editor to:

Access the Caption Editor

  1. Sign in to your Pro account and navigate to the View Page of a video.
  2. In the Media Details panel, click Edit in the Captions section.

The video opens in the Caption Editor. Now you can start to Add or Edit Video


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