Camtasia (Mac): Crash when opening Camtasia Mac 3


 When attempting to load the program from the Applications folder, it will crash.


  • Start a support ticket with us so we can gather more information as there could be various reasons this may be happening:
    • Start a support ticket here.
    • Include the following file from your computer in your support ticket:
      • Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and choose About this Mac
      • Click System Report or More Info>System Report
      • Go to File > Save as or Save... and save the file in the native format and to a location of your choice. If it doesn't ask you to choose a location, it will automatically get saved to your Documents folder.
      • Here is a video showing this:

*** We have seen older Mac's cause this issue. Specifically, iMac7,1 (Released Mid 2007) and MacPro1,1 (Released Early 2008). It's possible something from 2009 or even 2010 may cause this issue. If you know your computer is between that time range, we recommend using Camtasia 3 on a new computer.


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