Camtasia (Mac): Annotations Display Black in Editor


In Camtasia 2018 and earlier, annotations (and possibly other items within Camtasia) appear black in the annotations tab or in the canvas:


This problem has only been seen this on 10.10 OS X. Check to see if you are on 10.10 OS X by clicking on the Apple icon at the top left of your monitor and choosing About this Mac, and then try the steps below.

Option 1: Restart Camtasia

Close Camtasia, restart your computer, and reopen Camtasia. Camtasia should now load the annotations correctly.

Option 2: Close Un-Needed Programs

Close out of Camtasia, restart your computer, close out of any open programs to allow resources to be available on the computer, then open Camtasia. Camtasia should now load the annotations correctly.

Option 3: Update Mac OS X

If this is consistently happening we recommend updating your Mac operating system. See this Apple support article for more information.

Check with Apple or your IT team to see if your computer is suitable to upgrade and if your other programs are compatible with the latest operating system.