Camtasia (Windows): Camtasia 9 crashing frequently and unstable


In Camatasia 9, if you have the Vorbis.acm codec installed it can cause frequent crashing in the following scenarios of the software.

  • Starting a recording
  • Opening Tools->Options in recorder
  • Closing recorder
  • Enabling audio in the recorder
  • Fail to launch recorder if audio already enabled
  • Starting voice narration
  • Opening Help > Technical Support dialog
  • Closing editor
  • Opening getting started project
  • Starting a recording with the PPT Addin
  • Within the PowerPoint add-in clicking on Addin Options


  1. Browse to this folder on your machine and locate the file: C:\Windows\System32\vorbis.acm
  2. Right click on vorbis.acm and rename it to vorbis.acm.bak
  3. Then restart Camtasia and see how it works.

*If you do not see vorbis.acm, please submit a support ticket here so we can troubleshoot your issue.



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