Camtasia (Windows): Skinny or squished video in Camtasia 9

Problem 1

In Camtasia 9 we can sometimes see vertically squished video as shown below.

Solution 1

Vertical Video Solution: If this problem is happening in an MOV or MP4 file updating to version 9.0.1 will resolve the issue. If the problem is happening in an MTS file you'll need to use Handbrake to convert the file to MP4. The root cause of this problem is the video being non square pixels. We see this with certain HD video cameras that export a 1440x1080 file.

Problem 2

In Camtasia 9 we can sometimes see horizontally squished video as shown below.  This happens with many GoPro videos among others.

Solution 2

Horizontal Video Solution: This behavior can occur if there is an extra time-code stream in the file container. We're working on fixing this moving forward. Until then we can get this fixed by downloading the tool attached to this article and following the steps below.

  1. Download TimeCode from this article
  2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop
  3. Copy just the files in the folder and paste this here C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 9
  4. Run RemoveTimecodeTrack.exe from that folder
  5. Click Load Files and choose the file having the problem and click OK
  6. Now add that file to Camtasia 9 and it should work

Below is a video showing the steps above.