Manage Folder and Playlist Settings

You can customize the following settings for folders and playlists:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Privacy Settings
  • Set up a RSS feed


Customize the Folder or Playlist Settings

  1. Complete one of the following to open the folder or playlist settings:
    • Click the gear icon on a folder or playlist in the sidebar and select Edit.
    • Double-click to open the folder or playlist. Click the gear icon and select Edit.
  2. Edit the desired settings and click the Save button.
    • General tab: Change the folder or playlist title and description. Pro Users can select a View Page template or create a new template.
    • Privacy tab: Select a privacy level for your folder or playlist.
    • Feeds tab: Control RSS feeds for a folder or playlist. RSS feeds enable viewers to subscribe to your content and receive notifications for new content available.


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