Manage Folder and Playlist Settings

Folders and playlists have a number of customizable options that can be managed from the Edit dialog. From the Edit dialog, you can change the title, add a description, choose privacy settings, and set up RSS feeds.


Opening the Edit Dialog

The Edit dialog can be opened two ways:

  • Hover over the folder to edit in the sidebar. Click the gear icon and select edit.
  • Open the folder to edit. In the main panel, click the gear icon next to the folder name and select Settings.

Folder Settings Dialog

The Folder Settings dialog contains three tabs:

  • General- Change the folder title or description. Pro Users can select a View Page template or customize a new one.
  • Privacy - Select a privacy level for your folder or playlist.
  • Feeds - Control RSS feeds for a folder or playlist. RSS feeds enable viewers to subscribe to your content and receive notifications for new content available.


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