Beta Library: Content Details View

The Details view in the Beta Library allows you to view and sort content in your library or folders by different characteristics or statistics. From this view you can manage and edit the title, description, comment settings, download link, and more. 

Content details and information can also be viewed and managed on the View Page.


In this article, learn to:


Switch to the Details View

Click Details in the upper right corner of the Library to switch to the Details view.


View Content Statistics

Columns allow you to see different content statistics including view count, file size, and even the amount of bandwidth a specific piece of content has used. Sort content according to a specific column by clicking the header. For example, to sort content by the number of times each file has been viewed, click the Views column.


Manage Content Details and Information

Click any piece of content in to view and edit the title, description, release date, or creator.


Manage Download Link and Comments

Use the checkboxes to make a download link available to viewers and control the availability of comments.




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