TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Server 5.1.2 and later Maintenance Release

Server Administrators are encouraged to read this article completely prior to upgrading to Relay 5.1.2 (or later) from a previous Relay server version.

For more additional information regarding the 5.1.2 upgrade and how it affects Mac presentations and Mac users, please click here.

IMPORTANT: Changes in Relay 5.1.2 AND LATER require ALL Mac Recorders to be updated to allow them to connect to the updated Relay server.

TechSmith Relay version 5.1.2 maintenance release is a server update intended for all Self-Hosted Relay systems.  This, and later releases contains the following fixes and additional features to improve the performance and stability of the Relay Server and clients.

  • Apple QuickTime is no longer required on the Relay Server due to security concerns
  • Mac Recorder has been rebuilt and is now compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra
    • Note: Recorder Support for Mac OS X 10.9 has been dropped
  • Server Administrator can choose to enable upload over HTTPS, allowing HTTP to be disabled
    • Note: When disabling HTTP, ALL recorders older than version 5.1.2 must be updated
  • Productions using SmartPlayer can obtain the player from CDN, allowing it to remain up to date
  • Performance of image-only submissions has been dramatically improved
  • Encoding performance of h.264/mp4 submissions has been dramatically improved
  • Added support for SQL Server 2016


Other fixes include:

  • Mac Recorder version now reported correctly to server in client diagnostics
  • Mac Recorder prompts for recording profiles correctly when user logs in
  • Mac Recorder hotkeys are saved correctly
  • Mac Recorder is now more resilient when USB Audio devices are removed during recording
  • Relay Website working correctly with Microsoft Edge
  • No longer missing XML Metadata for SmartPlayer outputs using WebDav, File System and Sharepoint publishing destinations (when XML option is enabled)
  • Captioning step can be skipped with some profiles
  • Captions sent to YouTube destination work properly
    • YouTube publishing profiles will need to be re-authenticated for the captions to publish properly. For instructions, see this article.
  • Videos created while recording PowerPoint Mac encode properly
  • Videos created with iTunes metadata in header encode properly
  • XML Metadata correctly lists files from successful presentations

To download the Latest Relay Server Installer, click here.

Relay Version 4.x customers must obtain a new Relay 5.x license prior to upgrading.  Please contact our sales team to obtain this updated license.