Camtasia (Windows): Camtasia 9 not opening


When attempting to open Camtasia 9 from a shortcut on the desktop or the taskbar, nothing happens. You do not get any error messages of any kind.



1. Open your Task Manager by hitting Ctrl + Shift + ESC or by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete

2. Go to your "Processes" tab within the Task Manager. If you do not see "Processes", click on "Show More Details" in the bottom left of the Task Manager window.

3. Go to the C's and look for Camtasia 9.

4. Right click on Camtasia 9 and choose "End Task" or "End Process".

5. Close out of the Task Manager. Click on your Start Menu and click on All Apps or All Programs and/or scroll down until you see Techsmith in your list of programs. Click on Camtasia 9 to open it up.

6. Delete any shortcuts you have on the desktop or taskbar and re-create/re-pin them.

Please try the solution from this article as well if the above did not correct your issue.

* If neither of those correct your issue, please submit a support ticket here.


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