TechSmith Relay (Hosted): Deep Freeze


Solutions such as Deep Freeze are designed to remove all files from a users profile when logging out of the system. If Relay and/or these solutions are not configured properly, this can cause problems for the client when submitting presentations to the Relay server for processing.


To prevent a conflict, some directories in Relay need to be redirected to a safe location that is not affected. In Deep Freeze, this is referred to as the thaw space.

Both of the directories below need to be redirected.

Redirect the Relay Recordings Folder

This is the folder where the Relay Recorder will store the source recording files as they are being uploaded to the server. This location can be redirected via the registry, with a new "String value" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TechSmith\TechSmith Recorder titled RecorderFilesDirectory. Example values for RecorderFilesDirectory:

  1. %PROGRAMDATA%\TechSmith\TechSmith Relay\%USERNAME%
  2. D:\Thaw\TechSmith Recorder Files\%USERNAME%

The following environment variables may be used when specifying the recorder files directory:


Redirect the Relay Job Folder

A second directory also needs to be redirected. This directory stores the individual job information (in the form of XML documents) that is communicated to and from the Relay server. This directory will need to be redirected within the third party solution - there is not a registry key available for the Relay Recorder to redirect this directory.

Add the following directory to the thaw space:

  • %PROGRAMDATA%\TechSmith\TechSmith Recorder\

If this is not possible in your environment, or if there are concerns with redirecting this folder to the thaw space, please contact our Support Team.