Create and Manage Themes

A theme is a set of preset colors and fonts to apply to your video. In the Properties panel, quickly apply the presets to maintain consistency across a series of videos.

Create a Theme

  1. Select File > Manage Themes.
  2. The Theme Manager appears. In the Theme dropdown, select Create New Theme.
  3. Enter a theme name and click OK.
  4. On the Colors tab, set the theme colors:
    • Change a Color: Click a dropdown and select a color from the palette, enter a Hex value, enter a RGB value, or click the color picker to select a color on the screen.
    • Add a New Color: Click the Add button and select a color.
    • Annotation Background: Select a theme color to use as the annotation fill color. See Apply Theme to a Callout.
    • Delete a Color: Click the c2018-themedeleteicon.png icon.
  5. On the Fonts tab, set the theme fonts:
    • Change a Font: Click the dropdown and select a font.
    • Add a New Font: Click the Add button and select a font.
    • Delete a Font: Click the c2018-themedeleteicon.png icon.
  6. Click OK to save the changes to the theme.


Apply a Theme Color or Font

c2018-themeapplycolors.png c2018-themeapplyfonts.png

  1. Select an object on the timeline.
  2. Click the Properties button to open the Properties panel.
  3. Select a theme from the Color dropdown or the Font dropdown.

    On Mac, you must have the system color picker disabled to view the theme colors. Select Camtasia 2018 > Preferences > General tab > uncheck the Enable System Color Picker option.

  4. Select the color or font.


Apply Theme to a Callout

  1. Select an annotation on the timeline or canvas.
  2. Click the Properties button to open the Properties panel.
  3. Select a theme from the Theme dropdown.

Camtasia automatically applies the theme colors to the annotation.