Produce an Audio File

Export your timeline audio as a standalone .m4a or .wav file.

Produce an Audio File (Windows Only)

Produce .m4a audio file in the Production Wizard. The Production Wizard allows you to save additional information such as project, author, and iTunes details with the audio file.

  1. Click Share c2018-sharebutton.png > Local File.
  2. Select Custom production settings from the dropdown and click Next.
  3. Select M4A - audio only and click Next.
  4. Step through the wizard to create your audio file.

Export an Audio File

Export a .m4a or .wav audio file.

  1. Select Share menu > Export Audio Only.
  2. Enter a file name and location.
  3. Select a file type: .wav or .m4a. (MP3 is no longer an output option.)
  4. Click Save (Windows) or Export (Mac).