Camtasia Editor Properties

The Properties pane in the Editor allows you to customize the look of media, annotations, behaviors, effects and assets added to the timeline.

To perform this action...

Do this...

Open the properties for a clip, media, animation, behavior, or effect

1. Select on timeline.

2. Click the Properties button. c2018-PropertiesButton.png

Edit the Quick Properties for assets

Edit properties such as titles, logos, colors, text, and more for intros and lower thirds assets.

  1. Click to select asset on timeline.
  2. Click the Properties button. c2018-PropertiesButton.png
  3. On the Quick Properties tab, edit the desired properties.


View properties for each effect

Effects can be layered on media.


Use the scroll bar on the Properties pane.



Set properties back to the default settings

Click the rewind button next to the desired option.


Delete an effect, animation, or behavior from a media or clip on the timeline

Click the X on the Properties box.

To undo the delete:

  • Press Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z.
  • Choose Edit > Undo.
  • Click Undo c2018-Undo.png.