Camtasia (Windows) 9 Version History

13 March, 2018: Camtasia (Windows) 9.1.2

  • Improvements to color contrasts in user interface to increase legibility and reduce fatigue.
  • Added banner messaging in-product for reaching users with timely and relevant information.
  • Fixed issue where viewer could not enter a jump-to-time in quiz feedback.
  • Fixed issue where jump-to-marker was not displaying a list of markers in quiz feedback.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

16 November, 2017: Camtasia (Windows) 9.1.1

  • Improved rendering performance with behaviors.
  • Fixed a bug with Camtasia crashing when trying to import PowerPoint files.
  • Fixed a bug with media being selected out of view on the timeline.
  • Fixed a bug where the Recorder preview shows a white screen.
  • Fixed a bug where tracks could be missing after upgrade to 9.1.0.
  • Fixed a bug with pausing during sync captions.
  • Fixed a bug where horizontal scroll could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a crash using Annotations after installing to a folder with double byte characters.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

19 September, 2017: Camtasia (Windows) 9.1.0

  • Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
  • New device frame visual effect to make videos more engaging
  • New properties panel to quickly adjust colors and text of animated graphics, like intros and lower thirds
  • New extend frame functionality to make extending your clips more intuitive
  • New functionality to import PowerPoint files
  • Addressed an issue where recordings would show as only one frame long on timeline incorrectly
  • Handling finding offline media on users' computer in a smoother way
  • Fixed a bug where batch production without subfolders option selected would still create subfolders
  • Fixed a bug where production dialog hangs with multiple files based on markers selected
  • Fixed AVI production for non TechSmith codecs
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes scrolling through the font dropdown caused a crash
  • Fixed a bug where media bin and canvas would end up being hidden on startup
  • Fixed a bug where dragging transitions on media that is split caused a hang
  • Fixed a bug where audio only TRECs caused a crash
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

16 May, 2017: Camtasia (Windows) 9.0.5

  • Fix a crash when loading a project from an older version of Camtasia
  • Fix a crash when loading invalid JPEG files
  • Fix a preview thumbnail generation issue

18 April, 2017: Camtasia (Windows) 9.0.4

  • Added a display of playhead time and project duration
  • Added support for media with PNG codec to allow MOV files with transparency
  • Addressed an issue with YouTube sign in due to Google’s change to OAuth support
  • Addressed an issue where a color picker would not accept RGB values while editing a callout
  • Addressed an issue where OTF custom font types were unusable
  • Addressed an issue where unnecessary meta data files were created during production
  • Addressed an issue with subfolder creation during production
  • Improvements to trial and registration windows
  • Removed OneDrive and O365 SharePoint sharing destinations (known as ‘My Places’) due to security vulnerability
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

31 January, 2017: Camtasia (Windows) 9.0.3

  • Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
  • Addressed an intermittent hang when analyzing audio files
  • Addressed an issue causing a crash when choosing a font from a drop down menu
  • Addressed an issue where users were unable to stop voice narration
  • Addressed an issue where uploading to YouTube included closed captions and burned in captions
  • Addressed an issue where right to left language fonts disappear when adding a behavior
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

15 November, 2016: Camtasia (Windows) 9.0.1

  • Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
  • Addressed issues with Vorbis audio codec causing crashes
  • Addressed some issues that can cause a crash on startup
  • Addressed a problem where the Properties panel would fail to show an object’s current values
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

11 October, 2016: Camtasia (Windows) 9.0.0

  • New Behaviors as way to quickly animate images, video, or text
  • New callouts
  • New captions workflow
  • New 64-bit engine for faster editing and encoding
  • New default assets in asset library
  • Drag and drop assets, effects, and more right to canvas
  • Canvas editing
  • Ability to share projects with Mac
  • Color adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation)
  • Voice narration improvements
  • Quizzing improvements
  • Quizzing per question feedback
  • Animated GIF support
  • UI updates (more similarities with Mac)