Camtasia 8 to 9 - Where is it now

Camtasia 9 has a fresh new look and feel that includes enhanced context menus, additional hotkey functionality, and many user interface and usability changes.

Camtasia Tools

In Camtasia Studio 8, the tools you worked with were laid out horizontally under the Clip Bin and Library. In Camtasia 9, the tools are now laid out vertically on the left, next to the Media Bin and Library.


Camtasia Tool Icons

The icons have changed for the tools. Here's a look at how Camtasia Studio 8 looked compared to the new Camtasia 9 icons.

8 Icon Camtasia Studio 8 Tool 9 Icon Camtasia 9 Tool
ClipBin.png Clip Bin 9media.png

Media Bin

Click to open > Choose Media Bin

Library.png Library 9media.png

Media Bin

Click to open > Choose Library tab

(Windows only)

Callouts.png Callouts 9Callouts.png


Click to open > Choose from the following tabs:

9Callouts.png Callouts

9Arrows.png Arrows

9Shapes.png Shapes

9Special.png Special (Blur, Pixelate, Hotspot, Highlight, etc.)

9SketchMotion.png Sketch Motion Callouts

9KeyboardShortcuts.png Keystroke Callouts

ZNP.png Zoom-n-Pan 9Animations.png


Click to open > Choose Zoom-n-Pan or Animations

Audio.png Audio 9Audio2.png

Audio Effects


Transitions.png Transitions 9Transitions.png Transitions
Cursor.png Cursor Effects 9Cursors.png Cursor Effects
Quiz.png Quizzing 9Interactivity.png


Click Add Quiz to Timeline.

VisualProp.png Visual Properties 9VisualEffects.png Visual Effects
VoiceNarration.png Voice Narration 9Audio.png Voice Narration
RecordCamera.png Record Camera -----

No Longer Available

In Camtasia Recorder, choose to record web camera.


Use your Web Camera software.

Captions.png Captions 9Captions.png Captions
----- ----- 9Behaviors.png


This is a new feature.

Behaviors are animated presets to drag and drop on text and media to liven it up and engage your viewers.

Camtasia Properties

In Camtasia Studio 8, each tool had its own properties used to change the media or asset's look and behavior.



The new Properties pane in Camtasia 9 contains more options for you to change, modify, and customize your media, annotations, animations, behaviors, and more.

  • Just make a selection on the timeline, click the Properties button PropertiesButton.png, and make your changes.
  • Use the tabs across the top of the Properties panel to see every available option.


Timeline Toolbar

The icons have changed on the timeline toolbar. Here's a look at how Camtasia Studio 8 looked compared to the new Camtasia 9 icons.

Function Camtasia Studio 8 Timline Tools Camtasia 9 Timeline Tools
Zoom In 8ZoomIN.png 9ZoomIN.png
Zoom Out 8ZoomOut.png 9ZoomOut.png
Zoom 9ZoominOut.png 8ZoomInOut.png
Zoom to Fit All Media ----- 9ShowAllMedia.png
Undo 8Undo.png 9Undo.png
Redo 8Redo.png 9Redo.png
Cut 8Cut.png 9Cut.png
Copy 8Copy.png 9Copy.png
Paste 8paste.png 9Paste.png
Split 9Split.png 99Split.png

Camtasia Menus

Many of the menus are very different in Camtasia 9. We've also added two new menus and removed two menus.

  • The tables below compare those in Camtasia 8 with those in Camtasia 9 so you can see at a glance what is different and what the same option is called now.
  • Each table also tells you what is new or has been moved or removed completely from the program.

File Menu

Edit Menu View Menu Play Menu (No longer available)
Tools Menu (No longer available) Help Menu Camtasia 9 Modify Menu (New) Camtasia 9 Share Menu (New)

File Menu

Camtasia Studio 8 File Menu Camtasia 9 File Menu
New Project New Project
Open Project Open Project
Recent Projects Recent Project
Save Project Save
Save Project As Save As
(Was View > Project > Editing dimensions) Project Settings
(Was Tools > Record the screen) New Recording
Export Project as zip Export as Zip

Export for Mac

New: Used for cross platform project sharing.

Produce and share (Moved to Share > Local File)

Produce special >

  • Produce selection as
  • Export audio as
  • Export frame as


  • (Moved to Share > Produce Selection As)
  • (Moved to Share > Export Frame As)
  • (Moved to Share Export Audio Only)

Output to MP3 is no longer available when exporting audio.

Sign in Sign In
Sign out Sign Out
Import media Import > Media
Import from Google Drive Import > Google Drive
Import from My Places Import > My Places
Recent recordings Import Recent Recordings

Library >

  • Import media to Library
  • New folder
  • Export Library
  • Import zipped Library
  • Get media online

Library >

  • Import Media to Library
  • New Folder
  • Export Library
  • Import Zipped Library
  • Get Media Online
Import zipped project Import Zipped Project

(Was Tools > Sharing > Batch Production)

Batch Production
(Was Tools > Sharing > Upload media to FTP) Upload Media to FTP
Connect mobile device Connect Mobile Device
Exit Exit

Edit Menu

Camtasia Studio 8 Edit Menu Camtasia 9 Edit Menu
Undo Undo
Redo Redo
Cut Cut
Copy Copy
Paste Paste
----- Delete
----- Ripple Delete
Copy Visual Properties Copy Properties
Paste Visual Properties Paste Properties
Remove from timeline No Longer Available
Remove from Clip Bin No Longer Available
Split Split
Split All Split All
Stitch selected media Stitch Selected Media
----- Separate Video and Audio
----- Group
----- Ungroup
----- Select
----- Deselect All

Arrange >

  • Bring to Front
  • Bring Forward
  • Send Backward
  • Send to Back
----- Copy Effects
----- Paste Effects
(Was Play > Jump to)

Jump To >

  • Beginning
  • End
  • Next Media
  • Previous Media
  • Next Animation
  • Previous Animation
  • Next Marker
  • Previous Marker
  • Next Quiz
  • Previous Quiz
Add to Library Add to Library
Extend Frame (Moved to Modify > Extend Frame)
Clip speed

(Moved to Modify > Add Effects > Audio Effects > Clip Speed)


(Moved to Modify > Add Effects > Visual Effects > Clip Speed)

Duration (Moved to Modify > Duration)
Generate keystroke callouts (Moved to Modify > Generate Keystroke Callouts)

Captions >

  • Import captions
  • Export captions
  • Remove all captions
  • Sync captions
(Moved to Modify > Captions)

Markers >

  • Add a timeline marker
  • Split at all markers
  • Remove all markers
(Moved to Modify > Markers)

SmartFocus >

  • Apply to selected clips
  • Apply to timeline
(Moved to Modify > SmartFocus)
(Was Tools > Options) Preferences

View Menu

Camtasia Studio 8 View Menu Camtasia 9 View Menu

Clip Bin

(Clip Bin is now called Media Bin)

Tools > Media Bin

  • Library
  • Annotations
  • Transitions
  • Behaviors
  • Zoom-n-Pan
  • Animations
  • Cursor Effects
  • Voice Narration
  • Audio Effects
  • Visual Effects
  • Interactivity
  • Captions

Hide / Show Tools

New: Turns the left side Tools pane on or off


Hide / Show Properties

New: Turns the right side Properties pane on or off

Library (Moved to View > Tools >Library)
Show Marker View Show Marker Track
Show Quiz View Show Quiz Track
Hide Captions

No Longer Available

To hide captions in final video:

  • Turn track off before producing video.


  • Share > Custom Production > New Custom Production > Next > Options tab > Uncheck Captions

Project >

  • Project information (No Longer Available)
  • Editing dimensions



  • (Moved to File > Project Settings)

Canvas >

  • % of magnification (New: Choose from dropdown menu over Canvas)
  • Shrink to fit (No Longer Available)
  • Fullscreen (New: View > Canvas > Detach Canvas > Click Full Screen button. FullScreen.png
  • Docked (No Longer Available)

Canvas >

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom to Fill
  • Zoom to 100%
  • Detach Canvas / Attach Canvas

Timeline >

  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Zoom to fit
  • Zoom to selection
  • Zoom to maximum

Timeline >

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom to Fit
  • Zoom to Selection
  • Zoom to Maximum
  • Increase Track Heights
  • Decrease Track Heights
----- Enable Canvas Snapping

Timeline snapping>

  • Clip edges
  • Playhead
  • Markers
  • Quizzes

Timeline Snapping >

  • Media Edges
  • Playhead
  • Animations
  • Markers
  • Quizzes

Play Menu (Removed)

The Play menu is no longer available. Use the Play tools under the canvas or use the hotkeys.


Camtasia Studio 8 Play Menu No Longer Available
Play from beginning

No Longer Available


Play.png or press Spacebar on keyboard


Pause.png or press Spacebar on keyboard

Step backward

PreviousFrame.png or press Comma on keyboard

Step forward

NextFrame.png or press Period on keyboard

Jump to >

  • Beginning
  • End
  • Previous clip
  • Next clip
  • Previous marker
  • Next marker
(Moved to Edit > Jump to)

Tools Menu (Removed)

Camtasia Studio 8 Tools Menu No Longer Available

Record the screen

(Moved to File > New Recording)
Record PowerPoint No Longer Available

To record PowerPoint presentation:

  • Record using the PPT Recorder plugin within PowerPoint.
  • Open presentation, record full screen.
Voice Narration (Moved to View > Tools > Voice Narration)
Record Camera

No Longer Available

In Camtasia Recorder, choose to record web camera.


Use your Web Camera software.

Audio (Moved to View > Tools > Audio Effects)
Zoom-n-Pan (Moved to View > Tools > Zoom-n-Pan)
Cursor Effects (Moved to View > Tools > Cursor Effects)

(Moved to View > Tools > Annotations)

  • Callouts
  • Arrows
  • Shapes
  • Blur and Highlight
  • Sketch Motion
  • Keystrokes
Transitions (Moved to View > Tools > Transitions)
Captions (Moved to View > Tools > Captions)
Quizzing (Moved to View > Tools > Interactivity)

Studio tools


No Longer Available

Sharing >

Batch Production

Upload media to FTP


(Moved to File > Batch Production)

(Moved to File Upload Media to FTP)


  • Speech Properties
  • Improve speech-to-text
No Longer Available

(Access is via Captions tab > Caption panel > Gear Icon > Speech-to-Text

Options (Moved to Edit > Preferences)

Help Menu

Camtasia Studio 8 Help Menu Camtasia 9 Help Menu
Camtasia Studio Help

Online Help

(An internet connection is now required.)

Show Welcome Window Show Welcome Window
Open Getting Started Project Open Getting Started Project
Reset Balloon Tips No Longer Available

(Control tip display here: Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab > Tips


Video Tutorials

(An internet connection is required.)

Technical Support

Technical Support

(An internet connection is required.)

Send Feedback

Send Feedback

(An internet connection is required.)

Check for updates

Check for Updates

(An internet connection is required.)

TechSmith on the web >

  • TechSmith home
  • Camtasia Studio home
  • TechSmith products
  • Tell a friend

TechSmith on the Web >

  • TechSmith home
  • Camtasia Home
  • TechSmith Products
  • Tell a friend

(An internet connection is required.)

About Camtasia Studio About Camtasia
Register Camtasia online No Longer Available

Purchase Camtasia

(An internet connection is required.)


Enter Software Key


Keyboard Shortcuts

(An internet connection is required.)

Camtasia 9 Modify Menu (New)

Camtasia Studio 8 Menu Option Camtasia 9 Modify Menu
(Was Edit > Extend Frame) Extend Frame
(Was Edit > Duration) Duration

Add Animation >

  • Custom
  • Restore
  • No Opacity
  • Full Opacity
  • Tilt Left
  • Tilt Right
  • Scale Up
  • Scale Down
  • Scale to Fit
  • SmartFocus

Add Effects >

  • Visual Effects
    • Drop Shadow
    • Border
    • Colorize
    • Color Adjustment
    • Remove a Color
    • Clip Speed
    • Interactive Hotspot
  • Audio Effects
    • Noise Removal
    • Volume Leveling
    • Fade In
    • Fade Out
    • Clip Speed
  • Cursor Effects
    • Highlight
    • Magnify
    • Spotlight
    • Left Click
    • Right Click

Add Behavior >

  • Drifting
  • Fade
  • Jump and Fall
  • Pop Up
  • Pulsating
  • Reveal
  • Scale
  • Shifting
  • Sliding
(Was Edit > Generate Keystroke Callouts) Generate Keystroke Callouts

Remove >

  • All Animations
  • All Audio Points
  • All Transitions
  • All Visual Effects
  • All Audio Effects
  • All Cursor Effects
  • Clip Speed
  • Remove All Effects
(Was Edit > Captions)

Captions >

  • Add Caption
  • Import Captions
  • Export Captions
  • Remove All Captions
  • Sync Captions
  • Apply Speech-to-Text
  • Speech Properties
  • Improve Speech-to-Text


(Was Edit > Markers)

Markers >

  • Add Timeline Marker
  • Split at All Markers
  • Remove All Markers
(Was Tools > Quizzing)

Quizzes >

  • Add Timeline Quiz
  • Remove All Quizzes
(Was Edit > SmartFocus)

SmartFocus >

  • Apply to Selected Media
  • Apply to Timeline

Camtasia 9 Share Menu (New)

Camtasia Studio 8 Menu Option Camtasia 9 Share Menu
(Was File > Produce and Share) Local File
(Was Produce and Share button drop down menu > Share to
(Was Produce and Share button drop down menu > Share to Vimeo) Vimeo
(Was Produce and Share button drop down menu > Share to YouTube) YouTube
(Was Produce and Share button drop down menu > Share to Google Drive) Google Drive
(Was Produce and Share button drop down menu > Share to My Places) My Places
(Was Produce and Share button > Production Wizard)

Custom Production >

  • New Custom Production
  • Add/Edit Presets
(Was File > Produce special > Produce Selection as) Produce Selection As
(Was File > Produce special > Export frame as) Export Frame As
(Was File > Produce special > Export audio as)

Export Audio Only (Wav or M4A)