Camtasia (Windows): Crashes When Dragging Audio File to Timeline


Camtasia 2018 will crash when dragging an audio file to the timeline. This problem does not occur in Camtasia 9 and earlier.


This is a known issue that we hope to fix in a future release. This problem will occur when dragging an audio file from Windows Explorer to the timeline when the timeline is set to 60 FPS. As we work to fix the problem, please use one of the workarounds below. 

Option 1: Import the Audio into the Media Bin

In Camtasia click File > Import Media and select the audio file to import.  Once the audio is in the Media Bin, drag it to the timeline.

Option 2: Change the Project to 30 FPS

Right-click the Canvas and choose Project settings and set the Frame Rate to 30 FPS.