Introduction to Capture

You can take a quick capture, a customized screen capture, or a video recording in the Capture window.


To open the Capture window:

  • On Windows, click the Snagit icon in the taskbar or notifications area.
  • On Mac, click the sw2019-menubaricon.png icon in the menu bar.
  • In Snagit Editor, click the Capture button.


Pro Tip: To save capture settings for future use, select Add Preset dropdown > New preset from current settings. You can also assign the new preset a hotkey. See Create Presets.

Capture an Image

    1. In the Capture window, select the All-in-One or the Image tab.
    2. Click the Capture button or press Print Screen(Windows) or Control-Shift-C (Mac).
    3. The orange crosshairs appear.

      Enable/Disable capture magnifier by pressing M on the keyboard.

      Complete one of the following to select the area to capture:
      • Fullscreen: Click the Fullscreen button to capture the entire screen.
      • Window: Move the cursor over the window to capture. When an orange dashed border appears around the window, click to select the highlighted area.
      • Region: Click and drag to select the desired area on the screen.
      • Scrolling: To capture content that extends beyond your screen, click the scrolling arrows. See Scroll to Capture.
    4. To edit the selected area, complete any of the following:
      • To adjust the size of the selection, drag the handles.
      • To enter a specific size, type custom dimensions in pixels into the Width and Height fields.
      • To move the selected area on the screen, click within the selected area and drag the selection to the desired location.
    5. If you are capturing under the Image tab then the capture opens in Snagit Editor where you can preview, edit, and share the capture.

If you are capturing under the All-in-One tab:

    • Click the Image Capture button to finalize the capture.

Your image opens in Snagit Editor. See Snagit Editor.

To record a video of your screen, use the Video tab to start your capture or use the Record a Video button after you select the area on your screen to capture under the All-in-One tab. See Record Videos.

Capture Settings

Option Description
sw2019-copytoclipboard.png Copy the capture to the Clipboard for quick pasting into another program or location after capture.

Open the capture in Snagit Editor to preview, edit, and share the image or video.

Disable this option to skip previewing and editing the capture in Snagit Editor. Select a Share option in the Capture window, to automatically share to your destination.


Include the cursor in the capture.

  • For image captures, the cursor is captured as a vector image that can be moved, edited, or deleted from the image.
  • For video captures, it is recommended to capture the cursor with video recordings to help show where the action occurs on the screen.

Delay the start of the capture by 5 seconds to allow for additional setup time before capture.

After clicking the Capture button, a countdown appears on the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Additional Options

Click the additional options icon to expand the share options for All-in-One capture.


Select an option from the Share dropdown to share the capture. To learn more about Share outputs, see Share Captures.

  • If the Preview in Editor option is enabled, you must click the Finish button in Snagit Editor to send the capture to the selected destination.
  • If the Preview in Editor option is disabled, the capture is automatically sent to the selected destination after capture.

Only outputs that support both image and video file formats are available. For more sharing destinations, use the Image tab, Video tab, or share a capture from Snagit Editor.

Snagit Printer Capture Settings (Windows)

Send content from an application into Snagit Editor using the application's Print option.

Set Up a Snagit Printer

  1. In the Capture window, select File > Capture Preferences > Capture tab > Printer Capture Settings.
  2. The Selection Properties dialog opens. On the Snagit Printers tab, select Snagit 2018 or click Add a Snagit Printer. Click the Properties button to edit the settings for the printer output.
  3. Click the OK button.

Send Content from an Application into Snagit Editor

  1. In the application, select File > Print (or the equivalent in the application).
  2. From the list of printers, select Snagit 2018.
  3. Click OK to send the capture to Snagit Editor.


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