Edit with Tools

The Snagit Editor toolbar consists of image editing tools to annotate, edit, and enhance image captures:

  • Move, resize, or delete multiple objects in an image.
  • Draw attention with arrows, text, shapes, highlighter, and callouts.
  • Recognize and edit text in an image.
  • Make precise selections on the canvas with the Selection and Magic Wand tools. Auto-fill can be turned off and on and will fill in removed areas.
  • Build infographics, mindmaps, and presentation slide graphics with shapes and lines.
  • Hide sensitive information with a blur or cover up with a shape.
  • Add stamps such as cursors, mobile device frames, proofreader's marks, or fun annotations.
  • Add a sequence of numbers or letters to label steps within a capture.
  • Remove areas with the Crop or Cut Out tools to show only the relevant content in an image.

The annotation tools are only available for image captures. Share your video to Camtasia to enhance it with annotations and effects.

Tool Types



Add an arrow to call attention or highlight an item in the image.

  • Click and drag on the canvas to draw an arrow.
  • For a curved arrow:
    • Windows: In the properties, enable the Bezier Curve option. Click and drag a point on the arrow to start the curve. As you edit the arrow, a white handle appears on the canvas. Drag the handle to continue to edit the curve.
    • Mac: Click and drag the yellow handle to add a curve.



Add a blur to hide or mask sensitive information in an image.
  • On Windows, there are two types:
    • Smooth: Reduces the details in a capture similar to viewing through an out-of-focus lens. Use to apply depth or to blur the details in sensitive information.
    • Pixelate: Covers up an area with a set of large square pixels. Use to mask faces or sensitive information in an image capture.
  1. Drag the slider to adjust the intensity (Windows) or blur amount (Mac).
  2. Click and drag on the canvas to draw the blur.



Add a callout to call attention or highlight an item in the image. A callout includes an annotation plus text.

  1. Click the Outline or Fill dropdown and complete one of the following:
    • Click to select a color from the preset colors or from the color palette.
    • Click the Eyedropper tool and then click to select a color from anywhere on the screen.
    • Enter a HEX or RGB value into the field.
  2. Click and drag on the canvas to draw the callout.
  3. Enter text within the callout.
  4. Use the handles to control the following:
    • To resize the callout, drag the white handles.
    • To resize the callout tail, drag the yellow handles. (Windows)
    • To add an extra callout tail, drag the blue handle out. (Mac)
    • To rotate the callout, drag the green handle.
To move the callout body around the callout tail, drag the anchor point.



Remove unwanted areas from the edges of an image.

  1. Blue handles and grid lines show the selected image area to crop. Drag corresponding blue handles in to crop different sides of the image.
  2. Click the Crop button to save the changes.

Cut Out


Delete a vertical or horizontal section out of an image and joins the two pieces together.

  1. Select a horizontal or vertical style. A line appears on the canvas.
  2. Click and drag on the canvas to select the area to remove.



Erase any flattened area in an image to expose the canvas.



Save frequently-used Quick Styles to Favorites for quick access.

  • To save a Quick Style to Favorites, click the sw2019-favicondisabledsmall.png icon on the style.
  • To remove a Quick Style from Favorites, click the sw2019-faviconenabledsmall.png icon on the style.

The icon appears yellow when a Quick Style is saved to Favorites.




Fill a flattened area in an image with another color.

  1. Click the Fill dropdown and complete one of the following:
    • Click to select a color from the preset colors or from the color palette.
    • Click the Eyedropper tool and then click to select a color from anywhere on the screen.
    • Enter a HEX or RGB value into the field.
  2. Click to apply the fill color to a location on the canvas.

Grab Text


Capture text from anywhere on your screen and paste to other programs.

See Grab Text.



Highlight a rectangular area in an image.



Add a straight or curved line to an image.

Magic Wand


Select an area on the canvas based on color. The tool is ideal for selecting areas of a single color that do not include complex backgrounds or patterns.



Magnify an area on the canvas to highlight or show the details.



Select any object to move on the canvas. Enable Smart Move to instantly make multiple objects selectable and on your screen. Also identifies text that can be replaced or deleted. See Smart Move.



Draw freehand lines on an image.



Select parts of an image. After making a selection on the canvas, you can cut, copy, move, delete, edit, or apply effects to the selection.

Click the Selection tool and the tool properties appear on the right-side of Snagit Editor. Before selecting an area on the canvas, adjust the following properties:

  • Shape
  • Snap to Object
  • Background Fill
  • Optimization quality (Windows)

sm18edit-selectionproperties.png sm2018edit-selectionproperties.png



Add a shape or frame to an image. You can choose the shape, outline and fill color.


  • To resize the shape, drag the white handles.
  • To rotate the shape, drag the green handle.

For polygon:

  1. Click and drag on the canvas to draw the first side of the shape.
  2. Click to anchor each corner of the shape.
  3. Double-click (Windows) or press Enter (Mac) to complete the shape.




Replace text and other visual elements in an image with simplified objects to focus viewers' attention on the important elements in an image.

See Simplify Tool.



Annotate an image with Snagit's default stamps, download more from the TechSmith website, or create your own stamps (Windows only).

Add a Stamp

  1. In the Quick Styles, select a stamp.
  2. Click the canvas to add the stamp.
    • To move the stamp, click and drag to move the stamp to the desired location.
    • To resize the stamp, click and drag a white handle in or out.

Download Stamps

  1. In the Properties panel, click the Download More button.
  2. The TechSmith website opens. Locate the desired stamp set and click the Download link.

Create a Custom Stamp

Save images, annotations, or objects on the canvas as custom stamps.

  1. On Windows, select Stamp tool > Organize Stamps button > Add Stamp button. On Mac, select Stamp tool > Import Stamps.
  2. Browse to select an image and click Open.

Pro Tip: Add search terms to help you quickly find stamps (Mac only).

Control-click a stamp in the Quick Styles and select Edit Search Terms. Enter a search term. Separate search terms with a comma.



Add a series of numbers or letters in sequence to an image.



Add captions, headings, or other text to an image.

Select the outline and fill colors for your text. You can also choose text alignment, text size, and text font. To edit text, double-click the text box to type the desired text. See Grab Text.

Using Tool Properties

Customize the tool properties in the Properties panel.

  1. Click to select a tool from the Snagit Editor toolbar.
  2. The properties for the selected tool appear in the Properties panel on the right-side of Snagit Editor.
  3. To select the tool properties, complete one of the following:
    • Click to select a style from the Quick Styles. The Quick Styles contain presets or custom styles.
    • Edit the settings for the tool in the Properties panel.
  4. The method for drawing the Quick Style on the canvas depends on the tool selected. Different properties are available depending on the tool.

Property Types


  • Fill: Change the interior color of a shape or text.
  • Outline: Change the color outlining a shape or text.

Select any color on your screen. Click the Eyedropper tool and then click to select a color anywhere on the screen.


Click to select a shadow direction. To turn off the shadow, deselect the shadow direction.


Change the font name, font color, and size using the slider or manually enter the size you want.


Drag the slider to adjust the transparency of colors in the tool.
Bezier Curve Set your arrow/line to curve at one or more points. Toggle on/off and then drag the handles that appear around the arrow or line to adjust the curve up or down.
Thickness Drag the slider to adjust the width of a line or outline in pixels.


Drag the slider to adjust how close to an object the program makes changes in an image.


Drag the slider to adjust the threshold at which the program identifies objects on the Canvas.
Background Fill
  • Transparent: Fill deleted areas with transparency (empty Canvas).

  • Auto-Fill: Automatically fill the selection based on the surrounding content.


Drag the slider to adjust the amount of blur to apply to the selection.

Select Less/More

Drag the slider to adjust the range of colors included in the selection.
Antialias Check the box to render lines and edges smoothly.
Create as Vector

Check the box to allow an object to be scaled without loss of quality.

Customize the Snagit Editor Toolbar

Customize the editing toolbar for quick access to your favorite tools, effects, and share destinations. You can add, remove, or arrange the options on the toolbar.

  1. In Snagit Editor toolbar, click More and select Customize Toolbar.
  2. The Toolbar Customization dialog appears.
    • To add an option to the toolbar, drag the option from the dialog onto the desired location on the toolbar.
    • To remove an option from the toolbar, drag the option off of the toolbar.
    • To rearrange options on the toolbar, drag the option to the desired location on the toolbar.
  3. After customizing the toolbar, click Done.
  4. In the toolbar, you can choose to show icons and text labels or icons only. To change this option, right-click on the toolbar and select Icon and Text or Icon Only.


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