YouTube - A Copyright Owner Using Content ID Claimed Some Material in Your Video


When using Camtasia assets including music purchased from the TechSmith Asset Store in my YouTube video, I receive the following message on YouTube:


A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video.

This is just a heads up. Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by this.

There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video’s views.


We (TechSmith) do not create the songs ourselves (we source them from 3rd parties) so other parties may have a copyright claim on the material. In some cases, they choose to enforce that on YouTube. Our EULA for Camtasia can be found here.

If your video is flagged by YouTube as matching a third party claim you will need to dispute the claim through the YouTube dispute process. You will not receive a copyright strike on content ID claims. However, if you dispute the claim without a valid reason the content owner can choose to have the video taken down, if this happens then the account will receive a copyright strike.

When going through the YouTube dispute process be sure to include a copy of your Royalty Free Licensing Agreement that is provided by our music partner.

Royalty Free Licensing Agreement

If the piece of media that is referred to in the Copyright Claim information came from the TechSmith Asset Store for Camtasia, please be sure to attach a copy of your receipt/invoice for the Asset Store for Camtasia and the following Licensing Agreement:

Camtasia Assets Terms of Service

If you have already disputed the claim through YouTube and are still experiencing difficulty please contact us and provide the following information:

  1. The filename as it appears on our site.
  2. The YouTube link of your video that has received the claim. This is very important - without a link to a specific video (or videos) we cannot move forward in getting the claim released!
  3. The name of the claimant on your video - this is so we know which company to contact directly to get the claim released. You can find the claimant by logging into your YouTube account, clicking on Video Manager, clicking the Matched third party content link next to your video, and looking for the company name under the Claimant heading. If there is no claimant please let us know.