Snagit 2019 Hotkeys


To customize the default capture hotkeys:

  • Windows: Select Capture window > File > Capture Preferences > Hotkeys tab.
  • Mac: Select Snagit > Preferences > Keyboard tab.
Option Windows Hotkey Mac Keyboard Shortcut

Selected Capture Mode/

Global Capture

Print Screen Control-Shift-C
All-in-One Capture - Control-Shift-O
Image Capture - Control-Shift-S
Mission Control Capture (Mac) - Control-Shift-M
Expose (Window) Capture (Mac) - Control-Shift-W
Menu Capture - Control-Shift-E
Repeat Last Capture To set a hotkey for this option, select Capture window > File > Capture Preferences > Hotkeys tab. Control-Shift-R
Video Capture - Control-Shift-V
Video Selection Guides G G
Start Recording Shift+F9 Control-Shift-Space
Pause/Resume Recording Shift+F9 Control-Shift-Space
Stop Recording Shift+F10 Control-Shift-V
Magnifier M M
Cancel Capture   Esc
Show/Hide Capture Help F1 H
Capture Fullscreen - F
Capture Multiple Regions - Hold the Command key
End Multiple Image Capture Right-click on screen -
Scroll Horizontally H R
Scroll Vertically V D
Scroll Diagonally B X
Move Crosshairs 1 Pixel Arrow keys -
Capture 1:1 Aspect Ratio (Square) Hold Shift -
Region (16:9 Aspect Ratio) Click and drag to select an area on the screen. Hold CTRL to lock the selection to a 16:9 aspect ratio. -
Region (4:3 Aspect Ratio) Click and drag to select an area on the screen. Hold CTRL+SHIFT to lock the selection to a 4:3 aspect ratio. -
Take a Capture Enter -
Start a Region Selection Shift+Enter -


Snagit Editor

Option Windows Hotkey Mac Keyboard Shortcut
Open Editor - Command-Shift-E
Enter Full Screen - Command-Control-F
Open Preferences - Command-comma
Hide Snagit Control+Shift+X Command-H
Quit Snagit - Command-Q
New Image CTRL+N Command-N
New from Clipboard CTRL+Shift+N Shift-Command-N
Open CTRL+O Command-O
Close Snagit ALT+F4 Command-W
Close Capture



Close All - Option-Command-W
Save CTRL+S Command-S
Save As CTRL+SHIFT+S Shift-Command-S
Save All - Option-Command-S
Print CTRL+P Command-P
Undo CTRL+Z Command-Z
Redo CTRL+Y Shift-Command-Z
Cut CTRL+X Command-X
Copy CTRL+C Command-C
Copy All CTRL+SHIFT+C Option-Command-C
Paste CTRL+V




CTRL+click (Move, Stamp, Step tools)

Delete CTRL+Delete Delete key
Select All CTRL+A Command-A
Deselect All CTRL+D Command-D
Invert Selection CTRL+SHIFT+I Shift-Command-I
Combine Images CTRL+ALT+C Option-Shift-C
Bring Forward CTRL+SHIFT+F -
Bring Backward CTRL+SHIFT+B -
Ungroup CTRL+SHIFT+U -
Jump to Next Frame - Right arrow
Jump to Previous Frame - Left arrow
Jump to Beginning - Command-Return
Jump to End - Shift-Command-Return

Draw a Perfect Square or Circle

Move or Draw an Object in a Line

Hold the Shift key while dragging. Hold the Shift key while dragging.
Draw Over Objects - Hold the Option key while dragging.
Canvas Snapping - Hold the Option key while moving or resizing objects.
Crop to Canvas - Command-K
Trim - Shift-Command-X
Flatten CTRL+T Shift-Command-T
Flatten All CTRL+SHIFT+T Control-Shift-T
Actual Size CTRL+0 Command-0
Zoom to Fit - Shift-Command-0
Zoom In CTRL+Plus


Option-scroll down

Zoom Out CTRL+Minus


Option-scroll up

Resize an Image - Shift-Command-R
Rotate Image - Command-R
Switch to Library - Command-1
Show/Hide Effects Panel - Command-2
Show/Hide Properties - Command-3
Show/Hide Recent Captures Tray - Option-Command-T
Next Capture in Tray - Command-[
Previous Capture in Tray - Command-]
Open Share History - Option-Shift-S



On Windows, hotkeys are assigned to the first ten positions in the Snagit Editor toolbar.


Press CTRL+1 through CTRL+9 to use the toolbar position hotkeys.

Option Mac Keyboard Shortcut
Favorites Control-R
Arrow and Line Control-A
Text Control-T
Callout Control-D
Shape Control-U
Stamp Control-I
Fill Control-F
Move Control-V
Selection Control-L
Blur Control-B
Simplify Control-Y
Magic Wand Control-W
Crop Control-C
Cut Out Control-X
Pen Control-P
Highlighter Control-H
Step Control-S
Eraser Control-E
Magnify Control-M

Change Global Capture Hotkey

  1. Open the Capture window.
  2. Click the hotkey field.
  3. Press the desired key combination on the keyboard.

The new hotkey appears in the field.