TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Help Documentation


Here are the PDF documents with details on the different components, concepts, and integrations or TechSmith Relay:


TechSmith Relay Recorder Help- Learn about TechSmith Relay Recorder and how to create and submit a video recording TechSmith-Relay-Recorder_5.pdf

Administrator Help- Learn what you need to know about TechSmith Relay administration and configuration Administrator_Help_5.pdf

Caption Editor Help- Learn about adding and editing caption in TechSmith Relay Caption-Editor-Help_5.pdf

Presenter Help- Learn about what you need to know about TechSmith Relay as a presenter Presenter_Help_5.pdf

Camtasia Integration- Learn how you can harness the editing power of Camtasia in TechSmith Relay TechSmith_Relay_Camtasia_Studio_Integration_5.pdf

Upgrade Guide- Learn how to upgrade to a new release and migrate component to a new server TechSmith_Relay_Upgrade_Guide_5.pdf

Documentations Library- This manual is a compilation of all the help documentation for TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted) 5 Documentation-Library_5.pdf