What's New in Camtasia 2019

Learn how to use the new features in TechSmith Camtasia 2019. Click here to download TechSmith Camtasia. 


Automatic Audio Leveling

Audio clips recorded from different devices, environments, or speakers can result in varied audio levels. Camtasia automatically adjusts the loudness across clips in a project to maintain consistent audio levels throughout the video. See Project Settings.



Cursor Smoothing

Quickly fix distracting cursor movements to maintain viewers' focus in the video. See Smooth Out the Cursor in Screen Recordings Tutorial.


Customize Shortcuts

Speed up video creation based on your preferences by customizing the recording and editing keyboard shortcuts. See Customize Camtasia Shortcuts.


Download Device Frames

Download additional device frames from the TechSmith Assets website to provide device context and add a professional look to your video. See Add a Device Frame.



Add a Logo to a Theme

Create a theme to quickly apply frequently-used or brand standard colors, fonts, and logos in the Properties panel. See Create and Manage Themes.


Asset Download Improvements

Download assets directly into Camtasia from the TechSmith Assets website. See Download TechSmith Assets.


To view a full list of the features and improvements in Camtasia version 2019, see the version history for Windows and Mac.


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