Unable to Sign in to Camtasia Trial


I am unable to sign into the trial of Camtasia - the sign in process never completes. 


This issue can occur on Camtasia 2020 and earlier for the following reasons. If you are running Camtasia 2021 please make sure to install the latest build from here.

Reason 1: "You're signed in! Close this tab to return to TechSmith Camtasia"

If this is the message you receive and Camtasia is not logging you in, please try the following:

Reason 2: "Can't reach this page:" 

If this is the message you receive, this indicates that there are security settings blocking you from being able to properly sign in. Some options to try include: 

  • Disable your Firewall temporarily to allow the sign in to complete.
  • Disable any VPN's or Proxy Servers.
  • Disable any security software which could potentially be interfering.
  • Contact your local IT team for further assistance.