How Do I Change the Auto-Renewal Status for My Subscription?

After purchasing a subscription to TechSmith Video Review, Assets for Camtasia, or Assets for Snagit, you can manage your subscription on the TechSmith subscription management portal.

To view the auto-renewal status for your subscription, visit the portal, sign in to your TechSmith account, and then click the My subscriptions tab.


Auto-renewal status


Auto-renewal is deactivated: Expiry date is set.


You can keep using all products in the subscription until the end of the current billing period.

After the current billing period ends (ex. starting from Jan 23, 2021), all products in the subscription become deactivated and all product seats get revoked.

To keep using the products after the expiry date, click Turn on auto-renewal.

The option to turn on auto-renewal may be unavailable if all products in your subscription are cancelled and will be removed from subscription at the end of the current billing period.

Auto-renewal is activated:
Payment date is set.


At the start of the next billing period (ex. on Jan 23, 2021), the subscription is renewed automatically. The subscription cost is then withdrawn from the primary credit card.

30 days before the renewal date, we'll send you an email reminder about the upcoming auto-renewal.

Please take into consideration that during the next billing period, the subscription cost may be different, ex. due to a change in product pricing.

To keep the products in your subscription valid only until the end of the current billing period (ex. until Jan 23, 2021), click Cancel renewal. For details on how to cancel products one by one, see How Do I Remove a Product from My Subscription?

To view the history of changes made to the subscription auto-renewal status, click the Subscription history tab.




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