How Do I View Payments and Refunds for My Subscription?

When you purchase a subscription to TechSmith Video Review, Assets for Camtasia, or Assets for Snagit, the subscription payment is withdrawn from the primary credit card linked to your account.

For details on how to view and manage credit cards, see How Do I Manage Credit Cards for My Subscription?



The information about each payment is saved on the TechSmith subscription management portal in the Subscription history tab. To view payment details, select the payment.
A payment may take up to 3 business days to get Processed.




Event and Payment Types

With time, as the subscription changes, you can view the details of all subscription events along with payments and refunds.



Event type


Subscr. update

One of the following changes was made to the subscription:

  • Subscription created
  • Product added
  • Auto-renewal status updated
  • Product removed
  • Subscription canceled


Subscription update may be followed by a payment or refund event.


Payment amount is withdrawn from the primary credit card when these subscription events take place:

  • Subscription created
  • Product added
  • Subscription auto-renewed


You may be entitled to a refund in case of these subscription events:

  • Product removed
  • Subscription canceled
  • Tax-exempt status changed


For more details on the refunds policy, see TechSmith Return Policy.

The refund amount is transferred to the credit card that was used to purchase the product (not necessarily the same credit card that is currently marked as primary).


Payment Statuses

Payment may have one of the following statuses:

  • Draft—Payment request is submitted and is waiting to get posted.
  • Posted—Payment request awaits processing.
  • Processing—Payment is in progress or on hold and is waiting to get processed.
  • Processed—Payment is completed.


Payment Issues

Other possible payment statuses include the following:

  • Error—Payment was declined by the bank that issued the primary credit card (ex. insufficient balance or incorrect card details). You are notified about a declined payment or an overdue payment by email.
    Currently, you cannot edit a credit card, so you will need to remove the card, and then add a new card.
  • Canceled or Voided—After the payment was processed, it was deactivated by the TechSmith team  (ex. if the payment was initiated by mistake). The payment amount will be refunded to your credit card.
  • Deleted—A draft, canceled, or voided payment was deleted by the TechSmith team (ex. because the payment was initiated by mistake).


For more details about a specific payment or refund, please contact our Sales team.


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