Analysis is Black with Audio & Edits After Uploading to Locker - iOS videos


Analyzed the video, then shared the new video to the Locker. On playback, viewer only sees a blank, or black, video with edits (arrows, etc) and can hear audio. The visual content of the original video is gone. 



This issue is directly related to the original video being created on an Apple/iOS device that is recording in High Efficiency mode. Apple devices are now defaulting the video recordings to HEV when updates are pushed out from Apple, and this causes the video codec to be incompatible with Coach's Eye. We recommend reverting to Most Compatible mode and this can be done by changing the device settings for the Camera. We recommend to choose 120fps as well: 

Changing the recording mode will only fix future videos.

Existing videos will need to be exported from the app and moved to a computer. Then, run through a converter such as Handbrake into H.264 codec, saved to mp4 format. Once done, the video will need to get re-imported into app and and the analysis will have to get re-created. 

You can find instructions on how to use Handbrake in the "Unsupported Formats" section on this article