Morae Version History

Current Version: 3.3.4

Earlier Versions: 3.0 | 2.0 | 1.0

Version 3

13 October, 2015 : Morae 3.3.4

  • Added support for Windows 10
  • Fixes for capturing events from Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers
  • Additional bug fixing


10 September, 2013 : Morae 3.3.3

  • Added ability to create graphs from search profiles in Manager
  • Added ability to stream mono or stereo audio to Observers
  • Added an adjustable marker reaction time when logging
  • Added ability to customize SUS survey question text in Manager
  • Improved support for recording from USB3 cameras
  • Updated licensing agreement



30 October, 2012 : Morae 3.3.2

  • Added support for running Morae on Windows 8
  • Added support for event capture from applications running on Windows 8
  • Added support for 64-bit event capture
  • Events may now be captured for a wider range of application types
  • Manager's clip bin now defaults to the thumbnail view
  • Additional bug fixing

24 July, 2012 : Morae 3.3.1

  • Added support for capturing events from Google Chrome version 18 and later
  • Added support for capturing events from Mozilla Firefox version 9 and later
  • Added the ability to log tasks through the Recorder COM interface
  • Added the ability to create video clips via the Manager plug-in IMoraeManagerApp interface
  • Improved Observer chat stability and responsiveness
  • Improved Observer connection reliability
  • Additional bug fixing

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13 March, 2012 : Morae 3.3.0

  • Added table of contents feature to Manager
  • Added chat feature to allow Recorder and Observers to chat in the context of a session
  • Added support to capture events from Firefox 9
  • Added support for creating application level plug-ins in Manager and Observer
  • Added support for creating draw plug-ins in Observer
  • Enhanced representation of plug-in data types within the Manager interface
  • Improved Recorder and Observer video streaming quality
  • Revised production paths in Manager
  • Added support for plug-ins that can be used for graphical analysis of RRT or plug-in generated event data
  • Expanded Recorder COM interface and added the following:
    • Ability to load a configuration file
    • Ability to arm Recorder prior to starting the recording
    • Ability to show a recording preview window
    • Ability to list and select audio and video sources
    • Ability to invoke setup dialogs for audio and video devices
    • Ability to receive notification when audio and video devices are added to or removed from the computer

25 May, 2010 : Morae 3.2.1  

  • Recorder Uninstaller correctly updates the AppInit_DLLs registry key
  • Fixed a Manager installation issue occurring on some systems
  • Fixed a crash when using AutoPilot with Windows XP
  • Added the ability to disable keystroke and text capture in the Recorder installer
  • Observer will no longer lose connection to Recorder if a .wmv is recorded and the configuration changes
  • Manager now protects against plug-ins claiming to implement interfaces that do not exist
  • Two Wiimote configurations should no longer be displayed simultaneously
  • Removed a help button on the Plug-in Manager page that had no effect
  • Fixed an Observer crash when changing the recording configuration
  • Updated how Recorder writes plug-in configuration to the session summary
  • Changes to Recorder data setup for plug-ins now properly notify the app
  • Recorder button more accurately reflects the ready state
  • Clicking in an edit field in the clip bin should no longer dismiss it
  • Text capture unavailable warning message should now display on top of other windows
  • Improved response to user deleting all markers in the Wiimote config

19 January, 2010 : Morae 3.2.0  

  • Open architecture support for creating new plug-ins that capture additional data streams, search on captured data, and draw on the player video
  • Search across event streams (events per web page change)
  • Ability to draw mouse movement trail on video
  • Multiple new transitions for highlight videos
  • Enhanced task scoring design in Observer
  • Autopilot dimming to help draw focus to task instructions
  • Drag the mouse to create selection on timeline
  • Compatible with Windows 7

21 July, 2009 : Morae 3.1.1  

  • Fixed an issue with audio not working for imported video files
  • Fixed a variety of potential connection issues
  • Main workflow Windows 7 testing and bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with audio/video synchronization and waveform accuracy
  • Fixed a variety of minor workflow and usability related bugs

26 May, 2009 : Morae 3.1.0  

  • Ability to log undefined tasks in Observer while a recording is in process
  • New Task and Marker logging design
  • Option to upload produced videos to
  • New image clips allow static images on the storyboard
  • Ability to edit image clips and title clips in external image editor
  • AutoPilot text formatting
  • Export of PiP, main, and combined video sources to image files
  • Allow editing of clip duration for storyboard clips (linked clips)
  • Added warnings on camera driver, memory, and processor speed
  • Wiimote marker and task logging
  • Drawing audio waveform on timeline
  • Audio normalization
  • Added delayed streaming with higher quality between Recorder and Observer
  • Added support for IP cameras if a source filter is available
  • New timeline zooming controls
  • MP4 production with flash player
  • New task graphing for success rate and success score distribution
  • Stacked graph point labels do not draw when 0%
  • All views of the same graph use one common set of visual settings
  • Study configurations can now have no defined tasks
  • Removed S and E markers from starting and ending tasks in templates
  • Added image clips and task instruction formatting to the Word add-in
  • New branding

10 December, 2008 : Morae 3.0.1  

  • Improved Observer audio quality with real time streaming.
  • Batch processing recordings with invalid audio device now creates valid recordings with video and audio.
  • Production audio now works for imported .AVI files.
  • Improved recording performance from built in laptop cameras.
  • Recorder installer no longer fails if a Windows firewall exception cannot be added.
  • The Manager player no longer goes blank when not in shrink to fit mode.
  • Handle PowerPoint export for more layout cases.
  • Deleted and reimported recordings can now be dragged to the storyboard.
  • Exporting project components dialog now has correct text.
  • Tasks stored in tree view subfolders are saved correctly.
  • CSV export files now have the correct format.
  • A new option allows locked projects to be opened after a warning.
  • Added an option to turn layered window capture on/off.
  • The Word add-in now properly remembers its state.
  • Recording machine logger now displays video more reliably.

3 September, 2008 : Morae 3.0  

  • Multiple surveys and task surveys
  • Improved response time and performance in Manager
  • Variable speed playback in Manager
  • Ability to copy Manager objects to the clipboard
  • Cross-recording search
  • Recorder configuration templates for common scenarios
  • DV camera audio and video support
  • Multiple monitor capture
  • Region capture
  • Two camera capture
  • AutoPilot recording
  • Enhanced help content
  • Logging on recording machine with two cameras
  • Manager project autosave to prevent data loss
  • Undo actions in Manager
  • Real-time audio/video streaming between Recorder and Observer
  • Export highlight videos to PowerPoint
  • Word 2003 and 2007 add-ins for project content
  • Option to change Recorder and Observer connection ports

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Version 2

10 July, 2007: Morae 2.0.1  

  • Updated Recorder, Observer, and Manager to be 32-bit Vista compatible.
  • Firefox tab changes are now recorded as page changes in the RRT data.
  • IE7 tab changes are now recorded as page changes in the RRT data.
  • Added ability to save the marker log to a text file at the end of a recording.
  • Fixed a memory usage issue in Manager.
  • Fixed an issue causing start/stop hotkeys to stop working in Recorder.
  • Enhanced survey with a new look and feel.
  • Added ability to choose time units for time-based analyses.
  • Added ability to show/hide y-axis graph units.
  • Added ability to delete a marker in the marker log.
  • Added ability to process 1.3 deferred recordings in 2.0.1 Recorder.
  • Integrated an audio control into the hardware settings in Recorder.
  • Added zoom to task option to task context menu.

10 April, 2007: Morae 2.0  

  • Added the ability to create a study configuration in Recorder or Manager.
  • Added the ability to create and log tasks.
  • Enhanced the look and feel of the Recorder UI.
  • Added the ability to create a System Usability Scale or custom satisfaction survey.
  • Added an example project and study configuration that installs with Manager.
  • Added the ability to capture navigation events from FireFox.
  • Renamed Remote Viewer as Observer.
  • Added a Log to Observer that displays the markers and tasks entered and allows the user to edit markers and tasks.
  • Added the ability to designate a task logger for Observer.
  • Added the ability to view PIP in real-time in Observer.
  • Added the ability to filter the timeline to show specific marker types.
  • Added the ability to directly manipulate tasks, markers, and video clips on the timeline.
  • Added the ability to analyze user testing data across recordings in a study.
  • Added a Graph tab in Manager to analyze data from a study and create graphs based on the data.
  • Added the ability to customize graphs.
  • Added graph templates to save the type of analysis and appearance of graphs to use across projects.
  • Added the ability to add graphs to storyboards and highlight videos, or save as an image file.
  • Added the ability to create graph data table the user can export to a CSV file.
  • Added the ability to merge Morae recordings, external videos, and project components into a study.
  • Added the ability to drag clips from one storyboard to another.
  • Performed a complete Manager menu redesign.

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Version 1

5 December, 2005: Morae 1.3  

  • Added the ability to add background images to title clips. The title clip image can be positioned within the title clip.
  • Added the ability for Morae to check and see if there are any newer versions of Morae available.
  • Added the ability to start and stop the Morae Recorder by using a configurable hotkey combination.
  • Added a details view to the Clip Bin pane. This allows the user to see much more information about the clips than the thumbnail view currently allows.
  • Changed the Clip Bin window to show all the clips that are available in a project across recordings, as opposed to only the clips from one recording at a time.
  • Added the ability to jump to specific points in the video recording based on time.
  • Added the ability to create and edit segments and video clips from the Analyzer or Presenter views.
  • Added the ability to graphically edit, by moving the slider on the time line, the start and end points of segment or clips.
  • Added video clips to the Tree View in Presenter and Analyzer.
  • Improved the Manager Time Line by adding 纏oom In, Zoom Out" capabilities, and "time tick" marks.
  • Added the ability to organize Segments and clips into subfolders in the Tree View.
  • Added a "Details" window to the Presenter View just like the Analyzer View has.
  • Added the ability to associate various colors with different marker definitions.

28 June, 2005: Morae 1.2  

  • Added automated segment creation, which automatically creates segments based on specific data criteria. For example, start a segment based on a specific marker and end a segment based on another marker.
  • Added batch production of Storyboards. This will allow the user to produce clips from multiple storyboards at the same time. Also each story board can named and saved within a project.
  • Added Transition effects to Morae Manger. The transition are used between clips to add fade to black effects into the highlight video.
  • Added the ability to import external video clips into Morae Manager. These external video clips can be used to create highlight videos in Morae Manager.
  • Added the ability to set the length of a title clip in Morae Manger.
  • A COM interface has been added to Morae Recorder. This will allow programmatic control of Morae Recorder from another application. Also, markers can be inserted programmatically.
  • Added the ability to create marker definitions in the configuration file so that markers can be defined before the recording is started.
  • Added more robust file recovery for those cases where the Morae recording file has been damaged.
  • Added the ability for Morae Recorder to automatically restart after a recording has finished, without requiring you to click the restart button again.
  • Added the ability to create and modify marker settings on a per recording basis from within Morae Manager.
  • Added the ability to display marker definitions from the Remote Viewer.

12 January, 2005: Morae 1.1.1  

  • Added real-time viewing from the Remote Observer. This is in addition to the streaming viewing that was already in Morae 1.1. Now real-time viewing has the ability to record a WMV file on the remote viewing system.
  • Fixed a problem with Morae recording files (rdg) potentially getting corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue with "Auto Capture" on the Quickcam pro 4000 camera driver. We now programmatically turn off "Auto Capture" if it is turned on when Morae Recorder starts to record.
  • Added the option to select any available CODEC on the system for recording screen and camera video.

1 November, 2004: Morae 1.1  

  • Added the ability to remotely view the screen, audio, and participant from another Remote Viewer computer.
  • Added the ability to create a screen recording using the Microsoft WMV format, as well as an AVI format using the TechSmith TSCC codec.
  • Added the ability to store a recording produced by Morae Recorder on a Remote Viewer machine. This recording is stored in the Microsoft WMV format.
  • Added the ability to produce a highlight video using the Microsoft WMV format.
  • Added the ability to allow multiple connections of Remote Viewing machines to connect to machines running Morae Recorder.
  • Improved the Search Editor to allow more combinations of searching criteria, along with the ability to save and reload previous searches.
  • Added the ability to save an open project to a different file name using Save As.
  • Added the ability to create notes in Remote Viewer and have those notes automatically saved by Morae Recorder running on the participants machine.
  • Added the ability to start and stop Morae Recorder from the Remote Viewer machine.
  • Added the ability to highlight the mouse cursor during a recording as well as create click effects when the left, right, and middle mouse buttons are pressed.
  • Added the ability to automatically increment a file name if the option to prompt for file name is disabled in Morae Recorder.

25 May, 2004: Morae 1.0.1 

  • Using the Analyzer Search pane could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a problem where a crash could occur in Manager when switching tabs.
  • Fixed a problem where the Search result rectangle and arrow could disappear.
  • Fixed a problem where the Video Clip Details dialog could become unresponsive.
  • Fixed a problem with PIP flashing in the highlight video.
  • Fixed a problem where the menu text was not captured if Application events capture option was not selected in Recorder痴 configuration.
  • Fixed a problem with Internet Explorer window titles were missing from the recording.
  • Fixed a problem with Recorder not initializing properly on the start of recording.
  • Fixed a problem with a Runtime Error occurring when opening projects using the Recent File List.
  • Fixed a problem with text capture not working in Office Word 2003.
  • Fixed a problem with Manager not running on Windows 2003 (server).
  • Fixed a problem with Remote Viewer's Recording Details not always being displayed on the screen.
  • Fixed a problem with Remote Viewer not centering the remote screen video.
  • Marker definitions are now displayed in the Marker Details dialog.
  • Fixed a problem with the Production Wizard failing without explanation.
  • Fixed a problem where the user was prevented from creating a new folder for recordings.
  • Fixed a problem in Manager with Scale-to-Fit not working in Full Screen view on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed a problem with the support dump being incomplete.
  • Added the ability to change the temporary storage directory in Manager.
  • Changed Recorder to prompt the user to save the current configuration before loading another configuration.
  • Fixed problems with text capture in Windows Media Player.
  • Fixed a problem in Recorder where a recording could be lost on shutdown.
  • Fixed a problem with opening certain Web links while recording.
  • Fixed a problem in Manager with the event rectangle does not always scrolling into view.
  • Added Marker types in Analyzer's Details pane.
  • Fixed a problem with Recorder not hiding when minimized.
  • Fixed a problem with text in Internet Explorer not being captured at the beginning of recording.
  • Fixed a problem with Recorder causing window focus problems.
  • Fixed a problem with previewing a lot of clips in Analyzer's Storyboard causing memory problems.
  • Fixed a problem with Morae Recorder events becoming out of sync with the screen recording.
  • Added more robust recovery of bad projects in Manager.

15 March, 2004: Morae 1.0  

  • Initial version.

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