Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Return Products and Seats

On the subscription management portal at, you can purchase and manage a multi-seat subscription for these products:


To learn more about returns, click one of the following.


If you decide to stop using a purchased product, you can cancel the product at

After you cancel the product, all seat assignments remain active until the next Payment date shown in the Renewal section (ex. March 10, 2021). On this day, the product will be removed from your subscription, and all assigned seats will be revoked.


Alternatively, you may need to:

  • Return the product immediately. For this, please contact our Sales team.
  • Return a few unused seats. For more details, see the Return Unused Seats section in this article.


To cancel a product:

  1. Go to the subscription management portal at and sign into your TechSmith account.
    If the “Product subscriptions will appear here” message appears, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Create and View Subscription > Why Can’t I View My Account and Subscription section.
  2. On the My subscriptions tab, locate the product to cancel on the next payment date. The payment date displays in the Renewal section (ex. March 10, 2021).
  3. On the product card, click the ellipsis button (screenshot that shoiws the three dots button) and click Cancel product.

    If only the Remove product option is available, the subscription expired. For details about how to proceed, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Manage Renewal.

  4. Confirm that you need to cancel the product. The cancelation cannot be undone.
    screenshot that shows the confirmation about a canceled product


Product is canceled. Users with assigned product seats can continue the use of the product until the next Payment date (ex. March 10, 2021).


You can review the details of the canceled product on the Subscription history tab.

The Date next to the Product removed event shows the date when the product was canceled (ex. May 18, 2020). However, the canceled product and all seat assignments remain active until the next payment date (ex. March 10, 2021).

If you have product seats that are not assigned to end users, you can contact our Sales team to return the seats (ex. 3 out of 5 seats).


After the Sales team returns the seats on your behalf, click the Subscription history tab. The Product updated event shows the details about the returned seats.
screenshot that shows the subscription history tab with a product updated event


To check if you are entitled to a refund for the returned seats, see TechSmith Return Policy.

As a rule, a refund is Processed and transferred within 3–5 business days. However, in some cases, it may take longer, ex. if the credit card that was used to make the purchase expired or if you chose to receive the refund via a check or wire transfer.


After your refund is processed:

  • You receive an email confirmation about the completed refund.
  • The refund details appear on the Subscription history tab.


As an alternative to returning unused seats, you may need to:


This help topic is for Video Review, TechSmith Assets for Snagit, TechSmith Assets for Camtasia, TechSmith Knowmia Pro, and Audiate. If you are looking for information about TechSmith Snagit, TechSmith Camtasia, or TechSmith Knowmia Enterprise, please visit our help center.


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