Import from YouTube not working. Or, Where did the import video from YouTube option go?


Trying to import video from YouTube, that option is no longer available. 

When downloading a video from YouTube to Coach's Eye, nothing happens.


iOS Users: This option was removed from the app with the 6.4.2 update of Coach's Eye. 

Android Users: Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this issue as it is related to changes with the YouTube account. Some possible changes from YouTube's side that may be causing this are: 

1. YouTube password changed since initializing the link with Coach's Eye app. 

2. Two-factor authentication turned on with YouTube.

 3. Google rolling out the "premium" YouTube experience that limits the ability to download videos. 

4. Copyrights or permissions placed on certain videos prohibiting downloads.


We do not have a work around and cannot assist with this issue. YouTube no longer allows downloads from the app to a mobile device or from an internet browser to a computer. We do no foresee re-adding YouTube integration as of this time.