Snagit COVID-19 Editon FAQ

TechSmith is helping organizations and academic institutions who are preparing for prolonged absences and/or campus closures due to COVID-19. We are offering free access and expanded usage of tools that help enable business and educational continuity.

This temporary version of TechSmith Snagit will work through the end of June 2020. At that time, this version will expire and you will have the opportunity to continue a product trial or buy a license.

Many users have questions about what will happen at this time to the software and the content created with Snagit. Here are some tips to help understand how this process will work.

If you have signed up for the TechSmith Video Review extended trial, you will have the opportunity to continue a product trial for 15 days and can learn about billing options and cancelling this trial in our FAQ section.

  • When this edition expires, it will enter the trial mode, and you can continue using Snagit for another 30 days. The trial version includes the full functionality of Snagit. We do not require a software key to run the free trial. A software key unlocks the program after the full version is purchased. If the trial is prompting you to buy or activate the full version, there is an option to Continue Trial on the screen (as long as time remains on your trial.)

  • If you decide to purchase Snagit, you do not need to uninstall this version. Please make sure you are logged into Snagit and add your key to your TechSmith Account page. To login open the Snagit Editor, and click Sign In located in the top right of the Editor.


  • If you decide not to continue using Snagit, you can save any of the content created by selecting File > Save, and these files will be accessible outside of Snagit. If you need to save multiple images at once, select all of them in the Library, and then select File > Export to export these all at one time.

  • Once you have saved the content you need from Snagit, you can uninstall by following the steps for your operating system.



  • We also have a free option to capture images and videos TechSmith Capture. For more information see our Screencast Help to find out how to record a video or capture an image using TechSmith Capture.