TechSmith Capture Location of Video Recording Files


I need to locate recording files created by TechSmith Capture.


Please follow these steps to locate the recordings created by TechSmith Capture.

The recording should remain in the TEMP directory while the Upload Window is open as long as the Cancel button has not been selected during the upload (clicking the Cancel button WILL delete your recording). 

TechSmith Capture


Open the Terminal app (found in Applications/Utilities), and within Terminal paste the following:

open $((find /var/folders -name "TechSmithCapture.mp4" 2> >(grep -v "Permission denied")) | grep -v "Operation not permitted")

This should open the video that failed to upload directly in QuickTime, so you can save it elsewhere on your machine.


Hit Windows key + R, and in the Run command type in: %temp%, then hit okay. From there you are looking for a file named "_tempRecording-X.mp4" (likely X being the number value to represent how many recordings are currently in the process of being uploaded.