Error “This browser tab does not allow setting cookies”


I am experiencing the error “This browser tab does not allow setting cookies” when viewing video through my Learning Management System (LMS).


This is most commonly caused by having cookies or cross site tracking blocked in your browser.


Why do I need cookies enabled?

Knowmia uses cookies to identify users within the system. When accessing the Knowmia site, we attempt to set a cookie within your browser identifying the user in our system. If we are unable to set cookies, we will not be able to grant access to embedded Knowmia content.

Modern browsers are moving toward blocking Third-party cookies by default. We have found that users need to go into their browser settings to enable them if they want to continue to access embedded Knowmia content within their LMS.



Complete the steps below to make sure you allow/enable cookies in your web browser.

Google Chrome (PC/Mac)

  1. Click the "Customize and Control" button (three dots in the top right), then choose Settings.
  2. Click  Privacy and Security, then choose Cookies and other site data.Snag_20cfc52f.png
  3. Make sure Allow all Cookies is selected.

 Apple Safari (Mac)

  1. Select Safari menu (top left) > Preferences.
  2. Click  Privacy tab, then deselect both Block all cookies and Prevent cross-site tracking.


Apple Safari (iOS)

  1. Navigate to the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down and tap Safari. 
  3. Make sure Block all Cookies and Prevent Cross-Site Tracking are both deselected.