Knowmia Analytic and Grade Troubleshooting


I am experiencing one or more of the following issues when viewing videos from my Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay) Site or with videos embedded in an Learning Management System (LMS) from Knowmia:

  • Viewing status is not updating
  • Grades for the video are not being reported back to the LMS


Please try all of the troubleshooting steps below.

Option 1: Check the Results at a Later Time

The Results generally take 15 to 30 minutes to update, however they can take as long as an hour to load fully.

Also, it is worth noting that the results may update in increments, so you may see a lower viewing status initially, but after some time, the results from quizzes or analytics will full update to the expected value.


Option 2: Check the Privacy of the Knowmia video

We have seen instances where a video's privacy setting were set to Public. This can cause issues with users' viewing status or grades to not show up in the LMS (it will likely create an anonymous user for those results).

To prevent this issue, we recommend NOT using the "Public" or "Only you" privacy setting when sharing videos for which analytics or quiz reporting is required.



Option 3: Test in another browser

In instances where there is an issue with the current cached session in your default browser, opening the video from Knowmia or through your LMS in another browser can help. For a list of supported browsers, please see the following:


  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11


  • iOS Devices: Safari (latest version)
  • Android Devices: Chrome (latest version)


Option 4: Open video or LMS content in a new Inprivate or Incognito Window

We have seen instances were caching issues in the browser or conflicting browser settings may cause issues with the videos trying to report back grades or analytics. To troubleshoot this, we recommend loading an Incognito or Inprivate page as a test, to see if that gives the same behavior.

For details on opening an Incognito or Inprivate browser window for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Apple Safari, please see the article here .


Option 5: Test another Knowmia video

It is possible the issue may be related to a single video. To verify this, try viewing another video from your Knowmia Site or in your LMS, to see if Grade/Viewing Analytics are correctly reported.



Option 6: Open a support ticket

If the suggestions listed above do not resolve the issue, please open a ticket with the support team with the following information:

  • HAR  Log (HTTPS Archive Report) with the user reproducing the issue. Here is how to generate a HAR Log
  • link(s) to video
  • user(s) experiencing issues with analytics

If the user is unable to generate a HAR Log or is unable to reproduce the issue while trying to collect the HAR Log, getting as precise a time as possible (at least a 15 minute range) that the issue occurred.

You can open a support ticket from the following link .