Am I an Enterprise Knowmia User?


I was told I have access to Knowmia, but I am not sure how to access it. 


I am trying to access Knomwia but I am uncertain what my Knowmia URL is.


Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay) has two offering, a Knowmia Pro option and Knowmia Enterprise

Knowmia Pro is an offering designed for Individual access only. This would be managed by the individual user and the media and content is managed only by that user.

Knowmia Enterprise is an offering that is provided to an entire organization, and is managed by your organizations assigned Knowmia Administrators.   


If you know that your Knowmia Site is managed by your Organizations Information Technology team, you can reach out to your Administrators to get the details on your Knowmia URL. 

Alternatively, your Organization may have a quick links guide that already includes a link to your Relay, site, which can be used to access it. 

With more Knowmia Enterprise URL's, they will begin with your Organization name and end with either or

An example of this would be if you were with TechSmith, your Knowmia Enterprise URL may be:

If you are still uncertain on how to access your Knowmia Site,  please contact support for further assistance.