(Multi-Seat Subscriptions) About Ownership Transfer

All in all, this is how the ownership transfer of a multi-seat subscription takes place.

diagram explains that to start ownership transfer, on the subscription page, you need to click manage ownership and enter the email of the new owner. on the subscriotion page, the in transfer label appears. the new owner receives an email notification, and when they visit the subscription management portal, they can view the invitation. If they decline, the subscription remains with the current owner. If they accept, they become the new owner and get full control over the subscription

icon that shows the current owner

If you are the current owner who needs to transfer the subscription to a new owner, see (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Start or Cancel Ownership Transfer

icon that shows the new owner

If you are the person who was selected as the new owner, see (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Accept or Decline Ownership Transfer

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