Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Manage Ownership

On the subscription management portal at, you can purchase and manage a multi-seat subscription for these products:


As the subscription owner, you can view and manage your subscription, account details, and payment method. If you want to change who manages the subscription, you can transfer the subscription ownership to another person.


diagram that illustrates a three-step process that illustrates the process of subscription ownership transfer


The following sections explain how to transfer or accept ownership of a subscription.


You can transfer the subscription ownership to another person at any time.

  1. Go to the subscription management portal at and sign into your TechSmith account.
    If the “Product subscriptions will appear here” message appears, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Create and View Subscription > Why Can’t I View My Account and Subscription section.
  2. Make sure that all of your payments and refunds have been processed.
  3. On the My subscriptions tab, click Manage ownership.
  4. Enter the email address of the new subscription owner and click Submit.
    screenshot of a dialog box with the email address input
    A subscription can have only one owner. If the “Sorry, the user with this email is unavailable” message appears, the person already owns (or is about to own) another subscription. Try using a different email address.
    Also, if your account is blocked, you will see the corresponding message. To proceed with ownership transfer, please pay all overdue invoices first. For more details, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Manage Overdue Payments and Account Blocking.
  5. Review the confirmation and click Close.
    screenshot of a dialog box with the option to revoke the invitation to manage a subscription


The subscription status is In transfer, which means the following:

  • Until the person accepts the invitation, you can view and manage the subscription as usual.
  • You can revoke the invitation at any time. To complete this, click Remove (screenshot of the revoke invitation button) next to the person’s email address.

As a person who was selected to become a new subscription owner, you receive an email invitation.
screenshot of an email invitation to manage a subscription


After you click View invitation, you need to sign into the subscription management portal and, if needed, complete your profile.
screenshot of the account details page for the new subscription owner

If the subscription auto-renewal is activated, you are required to set a credit card as the primary payment method. Later, you will be able to deactivate auto-renewal and if needed, choose a different payment method.
screenshot of the payment method page for the new subscription owner


Next, you can review the subscription details and do one of the following:

  • Ignore the invitation. The subscription remains in transfer until the invitation is revoked.
  • Decline the invitation.
  • Accept the invitation and become the new subscription owner.


If the account of the current subscription owner is blocked (ex. due to overdue payments), the corresponding error message appears. You can accept the invitation after the account of the current subscription owner is unblocked.

Once you accept the invitation, the previous owner can no longer view or manage the subscription.
The previous owner can still view the subscription history of payments and refunds made prior to the ownership transfer. However, the previous owner cannot view the subscription updates.
screenshot of the subscription history oage as seen by the previous owner
As the new subscription owner, you can now manage the subscription.

After you accept the invitation to manage a subscription, you become the new subscription owner.


You can fully manage the subscription:


However, for security considerations, you cannot view the financial data of the previous subscription owners:

  • Account details
  • Payment method
  • History of payments and refunds


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