Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Manage Account

On the subscription management portal at, you can purchase and manage a multi-seat subscription for these products:


To purchase your first multi-seat subscription, contact our Sales team. During the purchase, the team will need to set up your account. After the purchase is completed, you can edit any account information at except for your primary email—it can be edited on the My Account page.

If you have overdue invoices, your account may be blocked. For more details, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Manage Invoices and Unblock Account.


To learn more about your account, click one of the following.


If you would like to purchase a multi-seat subscription, follow these steps:


  1. If you do not have a TechSmith account yet, create one at You will need to enter an email and password.

  2. Contact our Sales team to complete the account setup, add information about your payment method, and purchase your first multi-seat subscription.
    We will ask you to provide your name and street address to calculate the applicable tax amount and bill the subscription cost.
    If you are tax-exempt, a copy of your tax exemption certificate is required when placing your order. For more details, see the What If I Am Tax-Exempt section in this article.

After our Sales team completes the setup of your account and adds the first product to your multi-seat subscription, you can view and edit your account details at

  • Primary email is used to sign you into your account.
  • Billing address is used to bill the cost of your purchases and generate invoices. Also, notifications about payments, refunds, and most subscription updates are sent to your billing email address.
  • Shipping address is used to calculate the applicable tax amount for your purchases. Also, notifications about the key subscription updates (removed product, canceled subscription, auto-renewal status change) are sent to your shipping email address.


If the “Product subscriptions will appear here” message appears, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Create and View Subscription > Why Can’t I View My Account and Subscription section.


If you would like to use another email address for managing your subscription, you can change your primary email at the My Account page. For more details, see Update Email Address.

Or, to enter the email of the new subscription owner, click the Manage ownership option. For more details, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Manage Ownership.


To change any other account details—name, email, phone, or address—in the Account details section, click Edit details.
screenshot with account details and the edit details button

Make the desired changes and click Save details.
screenshot with the save details button

Please note that changes to your account details are not reflected in subscription history.

While the Sales team is completing your account and creating your multi-seat subscription, provide a copy of your tax exemption certificate to the team.


After your subscription is created, at, you can do the following:

  • Edit account details
  • Manage payment method
  • Transfer subscription to a new owner
  • Assign product seats
  • Return unused products starting from the next billing period (ex. after March 10, 2021)



However, as a tax-exempt customer, you need to contact our Sales team to do the following:

  • Purchase additional products
  • Purchase additional seats
  • Return unused products during the current billing period (ex. before March 10, 2021)
  • Return unused seats
  • Renew the subscription


For more details about how we handle tax-exempt purchases and refunds, see Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax? What If I Am Tax Exempt?

This help topic is for Video Review, TechSmith Assets for Snagit, TechSmith Assets for Camtasia, TechSmith Knowmia Pro, and Audiate. If you are looking for information about TechSmith Snagit, TechSmith Camtasia, or TechSmith Knowmia Enterprise, please visit our help center.


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