TechSmith Smart Player SCORM Update

On October 1st 2020 TechSmith released version 5.70.1 of the TechSmith Smart Player with some important SCORM updates.  These updates will improve the reliability of our SCORM integration of Camtasia productions with your LMS.

What has changed

The TechSmith Smart Player will now display a header element when viewing SCORM productions.

The header contains two items.

  1. The lesson title entered by the author in the SCORM manifest options form will be displayed in the header.
  2. A button to end the current SCORM session.
    • When the viewer begins the video the button will display “Complete video later”.
    • When the viewer has finished the objectives defined by the author (ex: they have watched 100% of the video) the button will display “Complete video”.

Important:  The viewer must use this button to exit a SCORM session correctly.  If they do not then there is a good chance that the information will not be reported correctly to the LMS.

  •  The viewer will be asked to confirm the completion of the session if they have not reached the objectives defined by the author.
    • The viewer can resume the video where they left off the next time they visit If the video does not use the TechSmith quiz email service to report quiz results.
  • When the SCORM objectives have been completed, clicking the “Complete video” button will automatically end the session.
  • The SCORM header is hidden when the video is being viewed in full screen mode. (Assuming the LMS you are using supports full screen mode).

How do I get the update?

Using Camtasia 2019, 2020, or later

  • Camtasia 2019 and later will automatically pull down this version (or later) when you create a new SCORM production.

Update existing SCORM productions from Camtasia 2019 and 2020

 To manually update Smart Player for an existing SCORM production follow these steps.

  1. Download the new version of the TechSmith Smart Player by right clicking and selecting the “save link as” option for each file listed below..
    1. techsmith-smart-player.min.js
    2. embedded-smart-player.min.js
    3. techsmith-smart-player.min.css
  2. Unzip the SCORM package (if needed)
  3. Replace the two JavaScript files in the SCORM folder:
    • <scorm-folder>/scripts/techsmith-smart-player.min.js
    • <scorm-folder>/scripts/embedded-smart-player.min.js
  4. Replace the CSS file in the SCORM production folder:
    • (Camtasia Windows)
    • (Camtasia Mac)
  5. Zip up all the files and folders in your SCORM production folder.

Update existing SCORM productions from older Camtasia versions

  1. Follow the steps 1 - 4 in manually “Update existing SCORM productions from Camtasia 2019 and 2020”
  2. Delete the following files from the production folder:
    • scripts/config_xml.js
    • [production name]-scorm.js - Production name is the name you used when produced the project.
    • Scormwrapper.js
  3. Open [production name]_player.html in a text editor.  Find and delete the following lines from the file.production_name.png
    Now add the following JavaScript above TSC.mediaPlayer.init("#tscVideoContent");

    TSC.playerConfiguration.isScormLesson = true;
    TSC.scormController.minViewPercentageToCompleteLesson = 0.9;
    TSC.scormController.minScoreToPassLesson = 80;


    • minViewPercentageToCompleteLesson is the percent of video that needs to be watched for the SCO to be marked complete. The value can between 0 and 1.
    • minScoreToPassLesson is the min score to get for the SCO to be marked passed. The value can be from 0 and 100.
  4. Save file.
  5. Zip up all the files / folders in your SCORM production folder.