Create Image from Template

Snagit provides templates based on industry-standard documentation best practices. Combine a set of images in a template to:

  • Show a side-by-side comparison of changes
  • Explain a process or concept
  • Provide a timeline of events

Example of Combine Image

Download more template layout and styles as part of the TechSmith Assets subscription. See Download TechSmith Assets for Snagit.


Create Image from Template

Open a template and add images and text to the template.

  1. Select Create button > Image from Template or File > Create Image from Template.
  2. The Create Image from Template dialog appears. Click to select a template.
  3. Click the Settings button.
  4. The Template Settings dialog opens. Select an Image Scale option to set how Snagit scales images added to the image areas in the template:
    • Fill entire drop zone: Snagit scales the image to fill the entire image area. If the original image is larger than the image area, some of the original image may not be visible. If the original image is smaller than the image area, Snagit increases the image size so that the entire image area is filled.
    • Fit entire image: Snagit scales the entire image to fit within the image area. Some of the image area may be empty.
  5. Select a Footer Author Name option (Windows) or Created By option (Mac) to customize the text that displays at the bottom of the template.

    • System: The computer display name shown in parentheses.
    • Custom: Enter your own text, such as your name or company name.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Create.

The template opens on the canvas. Add images, text, and other annotations. See Edit Image Created from Template.


Combine Images from Tray or Library

Select a set of images in the tray or library to combine into a template.

  1. In the tray or library, Control+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac).
  2. Right-click an image in the tray or library and select Combine in Template (for multiple images) or Apply Template (for one image).
    Combine to Template Context Menu

  3. The Combine Images in Template dialog appears. Select a template and edit the following options: 
    • Enable Filter based on the number of selected images to view templates that include the same number of images selected.
    • If you select a template with more image areas than selected in the tray, the additional image areas are empty in the final image. Drag additional images onto the empty image area.
    • Click the Settings button to customize the "Created by" text that displays at the bottom of the template.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Edit the content in the template (optional): 
    Combine Images in Template thumbnail order
    1. To change the image order, drag the thumbnail to the desired location.
    2. Enter a caption for each image.
    3. Enter a title.
    4. Select a theme to automatically apply a set of styles and colors to your template.
    5. Select the font and color for the template text.
    6. Select the canvas background color.
    7. Enable the Number Images option to add step annotations to each image. Click the dropdown to change the color of the step annotations.
  6. Click Combine.

Snagit opens the image on the canvas and scales the images to fit based on the template. To delete an empty image or caption on the canvas, right-click the image or caption and select Delete.

Save the file as a .snag (Windows) or .snagproj (Mac) to edit the image at a later time.


Edit Image Created from Template

After creating the image from template, complete the following to edit images and text:

    • Add or Change an Image: Drag an image from the tray onto an image area or existing image.
      Drag and drop image in template zone
    • Position the Image: Double-click to select an image. Click and drag to move within the image area.
      Position Template Image
    • Move: Click the s21-lockicon-26x25.png icon in the upper-right corner of an image area or text box to allow editing (Mac only). Click and drag in an image area or text box to move to a new location.
      Move Template Area
    • Resize: Click the s21-lockicon-26x25.png icon in the upper-right corner of an image area or text box to allow editing (Mac only). Click and drag the handles to resize the selected image or text box.
      Resize Template Area
    • Swap Image and Caption: To quickly move an image with its caption to another step, click and the drag the Drag to Swap to another image area.
    • Add Section: Click the icon to add another section above the current section. Select the type of section content from the menu.
    • Resize Section: Drag the blur divider line between sections.
    • Delete Section: Right-click the section and select Remove Section.


This help topic is for Snagit version 2021. If you have a previous version, upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Snagit or view the help for another version in the Previous Versions section.


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