Snagit 2019 Crashing on macOS 11 Big Sur


When clicking the s2020-menubaricon.png icon in the menu bar Snagit 2019 is crashing.


This is a known issue that is fixed in Snagit 2019.1.11 and later. From the menu bar, select Snagit > Check for Updates to install the latest version.

For older versions as a workaround please use a hotkey to initiate a capture. The default hotkey is Control + Shift + C, however you can customize the hotkeys.

  • Select the following to view the keyboard shortcuts available for customization:
  • Snagit > Preferences > Keyboard tab.

The OneClick Capture Window can also be used as a workaround. To enable this Select Snagit Editor > Snagit > Preferences > General. In this window please select one of these options.

  • OneClick Tab: Displays the quick capture options as a tab on the side of the screen. The quick capture options display when you hover the cursor over the blue bar.
  • Capture Window & OneClick Tab: Displays the capture options in two locations: Capture Window and OneClick tab. OneClick displays the quick capture options as a tab on the side of the screen.

If you are running into any crashing issues with Snagit 2019 please submit a support ticket.