Improve Audio with Effects

Enhance your voice recording with studio-quality effects in Audiate. Add effects to improve tones, remove background sounds, and adjust volume levels in the recording.


Your audio recording setup or environment can impact the audio quality. Common audio issues include:

  • A loud computer exhaust fan
  • The microphone volume is too high
  • Hum or buzz from microphone and power cords
  • Speaking too close to the microphone
  • Echoes or reverberations from the environment in a home studio
  • Too loud or too quiet sections in the voice recording


Apply an Audio Effect

  1. Open an an audio recording in Audiate.
  2. Click the Properties button.
    Effects Button
  3. Click the + icon to view the available audio effects.
    Plus button to add effect
  4. In the Effects section, click to apply the desired effect. To review the applied effect, click the Play button.
    Effects properties panel
  5. To customize the effect, edit the properties. The changes are immediately applied to the audio. To learn more about each audio effect, see Audio Effects.
    Remove noise properties panel

    Tip: Apply Recommended Effect

    The Remove Noise effect helps improve the audio quality for most recordings. Try to apply this effect first for the best results.

  6. To apply another effect, click the + icon.
    Add effects icon
    To disable an applied effect and keep its properties settings, click the on/off toggle in the effect's properties panel.
    Disable effect toggle

The audio playback changes when each effect is applied, disabled, deleted, or the properties of the effect are adjusted.


Audio Effects Overview

Audio Effect Description

Remove noise icon

Remove background noise in the recording such as a fan or street ambiance to produce a cleaner, clearer voice recording.


Apply Remove Noise to most recordings before applying other effects for the best result.

Volume leveler icon

Adjust the volume level of individual words to create a consistent level across the recording.

Equalizer icon

Quickly apply a preset or manually adjust the equalizer properties to improve the clarity and tone.

DeEsser icon

Remove hard consonant pronunciations such as "Ess" or "S."

Remove plosives icon

Remove pops and breath sounds from powerful “P” pronunciations.

Remove reverb icon

Remove audio tails and echoes which commonly occur in large open spaces.

DeClipper icon

Remove distortion and clipping that occur from improper microphone levels.


Remove an Audio Effect

  1. Click the Properties button.
    Effects properties panel
  2. In the FX section, select the effect to remove.
    Remove noise properties panel
  3. Click Remove Effect.

Audiate removes the effect from the FX list and the audio file.


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