Unable to Export from Coach's Eye to Google Drive or YouTube


Exporting to Google Drive or YouTube keep failing. 




One troubleshooting step to test is if the video can be exported to the device's local photos / camera roll. If that succeeds, then the export function is functioning. This can be a work around, and the file can be manually uploaded to Google Drive or YouTube from the photos / camera roll.

There are several factors that could be impacting the export feature, and these are some troubleshooting steps to try.


Confirm Background Data Usage & Cellular Data

Google Drive / YouTube and Coach’s Eye will need permission to run in the background if the device is doing other apps while uploading or if the device is working off cellular data.


Checking for background use: Settings > Apps > Select app > Select Mobile Data > Activate “allow background data usage”

Checking for mobile data use:

Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage > App Data Usage  > Toggle Mobile data on

OR Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Data Usage > App Data > Toggle Mobile data on



Checking background use and Cellular Data: Settings > Locate and select app > Toggle on Background app refresh & Cellular Data


2 Factor Authentication

We have found that some of our software products are running into errors when the Google account, which includes YouTube, has 2 factor authentication enabled.


Force Stop / Force Quit Google Drive or YouTube

Restart the app on Android: Settings > App & Notifications > See all apps > Find the app, select > Choose Force Stop

Restart on iOS:

Home button: Double-click the Home button > Swipe right or left until the app is found > Swipe up to close the app > Relaunch app

No Home button: Pull halfway up on the Home bar at the bottom > Swipe left or right until the app is found > Swipe up to close the app > relaunch the app


File Size

If the file is large, which could be impacted by overall duration and resolution / frames per second, this could lead to the upload timing out or crashing. Test a smaller video file – less duration, lower resolution / frames per second.


Network connection

Is the upload passing through a wireless home / business network (ISP), or through cellular data?

Is the upload being interrupted? For example, if the upload starts using the home wireless, but then the device leaves the connection and switches to cellular before the upload completes, this could result in a failed upload.

Additionally, upload speed plays into upload success. Some internet providers offer fast download speeds, but slow upload speeds. Check your ISP service for more information.

Wireless connection strength does not indicate the quality of the internet access, it only demonstrates how good of a signal the router is broadcasting. Internet providers do network maintenance on the main lines during the over night hours, and this work will temporarily disconnect internet to their customers during those times; many ISPs conduct maintenance during the house or 12:00AM-6:00AM local time. If the reconnection at the end of the maintenance window has a misfire with the modem, this could cause interference with uploading data; the modem will still pass traffic, but the packets will be slower to transmit, out of sequence, or some of the packets of data get dropped during transmission (commonly called packet loss).

  1. Power cycle the internet modem
  2. Power cycle the wireless router (this step is not necessary if the modem is a wireless router 2 in 1 device)
  3. Power cycle the mobile device for a fresh connection


Corrupted App Installation

Refresh the app:

1. Sign out of the Coach's Eye app

2. Power the device off / on

3. Sign back into the Coach's Eye app and test again


Re-install the app - Warning: this will delete any videos on device. We recommend sharing videos to a Locker or exporting them to the camera roll before proceeding as there is no way to recover the videos once deleted.

1. Sign out of the Coach's Eye app

2. Delete the app

4. Power the device off / on

5. Download the app from the app store. Please note: Teams / VIP customer on iOS need to use the bright green / navy color app from Apple's App Store

6. Sign in, test again.